11m Forest harvest in the world yearly, says Teku Farm


By. Joy Odor

It has been estimated that 11 million hectares of forest are harvested in the world per year.

This is because in Africa and part of the world, millions of trees have been cut-down for domestic and development purposes and the destruction has increased along with population growth.

People do not know that trees are life-givers but due to population explosion, humans are indiscriminately harvesting forests for their needs which isis why the existence of forests and human life is in danger.

Reportcircle.com online and member of African Climate Reporters, Kaduna State, North West, Nigeria find this out during the plantng of trees by Teku lnternational Farm as part of it’s contribution to say “No to Cutting-Down of Forestry Trees aimed at replacing tress.

According to them, deforestation has a direct impact on the natural climate change, thereby increasing the global temperature and with the decreasing area of forests, the rain is also becoming irregular which contributes to ‘global warming and has direct impact on humans.

The solution of this problem, they said will be preserving and nurturing the forests in it’s normal condition for the animals to stay in their places as they used to be.

Please join us in the fight against illegal cutting-down of forest trees because trees play a vital role in protecting our environment in several ways.


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