2019 Election: Exploit Your Population to Decide Your Leader – ECES Urges Nigeria Women



By: Linda/Abuja

The Advisor, Gender and Inclusion, European Centre for Electoral Support (ECES), Cathy Latiwa Amata has stressed the need for Nigerian women to maximize their population in deciding their leaders.

Latiwa who stated this at a media chat in Abuja on Thursday enjoined all women to support their fellow women contesting for various positions.

She expressed hopes that women are going to participate actively in the ongoing electoral process and urged them to come out en-mass to vote for candidates of their choice in the general elections.

According to her, “you know, women are constituting more than half of the population , which is very important,  to help them  participate will also increase the economy of the country like in South Africa, Yuwanda, Ethiopia were women participation already impact in the economy of the country.

“Women are the part of the population, so voting and been candidates is a right that any women have in and outside the country of the world. Besides, she said there was need for more women to be involved in the electoral and political process” She said.

Latiwa charged women who lost the primaries for 2019 general elections in their respective political parties not to give up, noting that although there are religious, cultural and financial barriers confronting women in politics, they should preserve.

She explained that her ECES has embarked on several activities to support the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and sensitize women to participate in the political process.

According to Latiwa, ECES is also mobilizing women at the grass roots to participate actively in the political process.

“We have done several activities under gender division to support INEC educate, encourage and sensitize more women to participate in electoral and political process.

“We went to six geographical zones in Nigeria, were we did workshops, encouraging women to register and collect their PVC.

“We are surprise in number of women in participation, at least, more women are participating in 2019 election,” Latiwa stated.


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