Archbishop of Kaduna Identify Injustice by Politicians as Major Cause of Unrest in Nigeria



By: Joy Odor/Abuja

The Catholic Archbishop of Kaduna, His Grace, Most Reverend Dr. Mathew Man-Oso Ndagoso has identified injustice by political leaders in the country as the major cause of unrest and crisis in the nation.

Archbishop Ndagoso disclosed this while speaking on the promotion of injustice in governance by political leaders in the country in an interview shortly after the Holy Mass to facilitate with the people of Kajuru crises victims and their families along with the Bishops of Kaduna Ecclesiastical Province comprising Archbishop of Kaduna, Mathew Man’ Oso Ndagoso as the Lead Bishop, Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Bishop  Matthew Kukah, Bishop of Zaria Diocese, Bishop George Dodo, Bishop of Kano Diocese,  Bishop John Niyiring and the Administrator of Kafanchan Diocese while Bishop of Minna and Kotangora was represented.

According to him, evil has robbed the nation of the peace and unity required among the citizens in advancing development and growth of Nigeria, adding that it is the duty of the church leaders to give hope, console and give joy in all circumstances of life to the families of victims of the crisis.

Bishop Ndagoso urged the Federal Government to ensure political and socio-economic stability in the country while enjoining the Government to work towards the promotion of peace and unity among citizens.

“We all know the story of Kajuru local government crises, especially within last year and the two quarters of this year, we knew what happened.

“If there is a problem between farmers and herders it is not for us as religious leaders to take side. Ours is to say the truth and ensure that justice is done to everybody. And we all know that we are where we are in this country because of inequality, simply because people are treated differently in terms of the provisions of infrastructural facilities.

“And so, where there are disparities and people are treated unequally there are bound to be problems.  So, this is where we stand as religious and catholic leaders. Our own is to give hope and also strengthen the people” He said.

Archbishop Ndagoso argued that “I can tell you that if you dig deep down it is not only the crisis here in Kajuru, it is not only the crisis in the north or Niger Delta. Most of these things are hinged on injustice”.

“ Look at, when the Niger Delta boys were struggling to emancipate their people, money was being lifted, dollars were being harvested from their own territory, meanwhile the whole area was polluted, destroyed and fishermen lost their means of livelihood as a result of the pollution.

“And yet they see resources being carted away out of their areas. And here in the north you can see it happening also.

“Peoples lands are been taken away, ancestral lands being occupied and there is threat here and there. And nothing has been done by the government to ameliorate the plight of the people. It is the duty of government to protect the interests of every citizen”.

He explained that “to ensure peace and unity of the country, what government needs to do is to provide good governance for the common good of the common man”, noting that “the resources of the state are not given for the interest of a particular section of the country”.

“You see, the budget given by governments in every state is based on the population of the people and for their common good. And therefore everyone in the state is entitled to the provision of good amenities.

“But, you see it openly that resources are being channeled to communities favored by political leaders to the detriment of others.

“What government can do is to ensure that there is justice in governance. Once they are able to address the problem of injustice, peace would come naturally in the country”. Bishop Ndagoso lamented.


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