Exclusion of Youth involvement in Governance: BEAM Nigeria organized roundtable to improve situation



By: Kate Obi/Kaduna

It a bid to improving the situation of youth involvement in good governance in Nigeria, BEAM Nigeria, a Non-Political Group  has organized a one-day round-table discussion having observed the happenings in the society, Kaduna and Nigeria that youth have been excluded in politics and political activities.

Speaking to Reportcircle in an interview shortly after the round-table discussion at Sabo Tasha, in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna South, on the 23rd of November, 2018, North-West, Nigeria, some of the Conveners, Mr. Tobias Nyam and Mr. Emmanuel Sunday Tagwai said BEAM Nigeria is interested in community development, changing the narrative of the people and making the duty-bounds to really know what they are supposed to do and making sure they do it.

“It is a dialogue group that wants to see what you called accountability in governance and society as good fellowship should have good leadership.

“It is a group of 5 persons with the aspiration of mentoring and educating people on the issues of governance. We agree to that fact that the proportion for youth against the elderly in politics is no equally and nobody is ready to move or create the place for them and that is the way we want to mentor the youth to create for themselves.

“For us, there is a huge deficient in term of how the youth have the enabling environment to engage or to exhibit their inspirations, knowledge and ability to serve if they are not tested and given the opportunity, you cannot tell.

“U/Barde and Sabo Tasha Community have had re-awaken about their involvement in governance. We hoped to advised the participants in today’s round-table to take back various messages learnt today to their communities” they said.

They called on the youth to be involved in governance, pointing out that it is difficult when people are not involved in political system or become part of the process that make up the governance, saying this is because if you are not, then you cannot ask questions.

According to them, in as much as the youth should look up to good politicians and people who have lived and given example to work with for mentor-ship in politics, they should also be patriotic, saying if the spirit of patriotism is not there, that would be a huge problem.

“This is the reason we organized this event to bridge the gaps. “The involvement starts with the youth listening, doing what the politicians are doing, knowing what they are doing and being part of the process.

“The youth have to equip themselves for that position or governance which means, training themselves or have fora a where they can call people to the table such as The Beam to actively participate in politics” They stressed.

Meanwhile, the resolution reached at the end of the meeting urged youths to avoid regrettable compromises, such as putting their future on the line as against the material benefits they may have and or receive now.

That youths should engage in issue based discussion in the polity and stand against poor leadership and that those present at the dialogue shall serve as channel and apostle for the spread of issues flagged at the round-table.

“That poverty should not limit ones aspiration to leadership; That in choosing leaders at the forth coming polls capability and credibility will guide choice

“That instead of whining and complaining on the social media, the youth of Nigeria should use their population and numerical advantage to wrestle power from the old politicians to break the status quo at both the State and National levels.

“That for the youth to be involved in governance, they need to be united and eschew religious and ethnic divisive tendencies. That youth will continually be encouraged by fora such as the The Beam to actively participate in politics” Resolution includes.

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