Harmattan: NGO calls to assist destitute against cold diseases.


By: Joy Odor/Kaduna

 A Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) “Protection of Women and Children in Nigeria” has appealed to humanitarian and government to help destitute children with warm clothes to protect them against cold related diseases and virus.

The Founder of the Organization, Comrade Ramatu Tijjani made the appeal shortly after paying visit to the camp of the Person Living with Disability on Monday in the Kaduna State due to the suffering most destitute  faced during harmattan season.

Comrade Ramatu Tijjani lamented that as a result of lack of warm related clothes which the destitute cannot afford to buy by themselves to protect against all forms of cold diseases, Government and wealthy individual should assist the less privileged in the society with warm cloths.

“Harmattan season is back again, and this is the season where dangerous diseases spread faster than you can think up, there are many destitute children out there on the street that need cold protective cloths against cold diseases.

According to her, diseases such as Influenza, cough, sore throat, meningitis, runny nose and Apollo usually spread faster during the season, which is why the Organization deemed it fit to call on all humanitarian organization and civil societies to help the children with head warmers, handsock and other Blanket to protect their body.

“Common cold is spread either by direct contact with infected secretions from contaminated surfaces or by inhaling the airborne virus after individuals sneeze or cough, person-to-person transmission often occurs when an individual who has a cold blows or touches their nose and then touches someone or something else.

“A cold virus can live on objects such as pens, books, telephones, computer keyboards, and coffee cups for several hours and can thus be acquired from contact with these objects.

“I appealed to all Nigerian religious leaders to help in spreading the message, so that all Nigerian destitute children and other children living in orphanage home cold also have warm related cloths to cover their body” she conclude.

Responding on behalf of the persons living with disability, Mallam Muntari Saleh said harmattan season is season all the disabled person find it extremely difficult to live in.

He commended the Organization for their kind gesture for noticing that the destitute need caring and protection against diseases and begs Nigerian to also remember them, as they are buying harmattan cloth.


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