High illiteracy prompts us to Combine Western, Islamic Education-Emerald Hills Academy


By: Joy Odor/Kaduna

The Vice Principle of Emeral Hills Academy School, Mr. Mahmut Sagban has attributed the combined teaching of Western and Islamic Education into its official curriculum of the school to high rate of illiteracy in most of the Islamic countries.

Representing the Principle of the School, Mr. Huseyin Selvi at a press conference held in the school premises at Damushi, New Millennium City Kaduna State, North-West, Nigeria yesterday.

Mr. Sagban disclosed that the 1st word from the Quran is read, but the Islamic countries do not read which have given room for negative vices and lack of understanding on how the world work.

According to him, the teachings of Arabic and other foreign Languages would allow the students understand Quran in a positive manner, adding that before and after the students graduate and somebody come to use them for negative promises by telling them this and that is Haram, they will not agree because they have the right knowledge and will not be easily deceives.

“The aim of teaching the students Islamic education and languages is to grow them into a generation who can question what is coming from others, understand, questions and respond to them affirmatively.

“Putting Arabic language to the official curriculum of the school is right, so it would allow the students understand Quran very well and when somebody come to use them for any negative promises and tell them this and that is Haram, they will not agree because they have the knowledge and will not be easily deceives” he said.

Mr. Sagban informed that the branch of the school is newly established and they are trying to publicize itself to the people of the northern region and with the help of the media to tell the world that the school is different with good facilities from other schools.

The Vice Principle said such facilities are boarding rooms, introduction of chess game, a conducive convenience, common room, good sports arena, dining hall, Assembly hall, well equipped library, computer center among others.

Mr. Sagban the opinion that the challenges the schools has witness is lack of books and the inadequate income from most Nigerian parents to send and give their children standard, saying it is a handicap situation for the country.

“As far as I try to understand Nigeria about challenges, is the income of the people, the parents what to do more for their wards by given them good standard of education but their income is very poor to meet up with the demand which is a very handicap situation for the country.

“But we try to create some solutions by given the people scholarship. We have been to the country and we realized that students want to learn about Islamic subject but the problem is lack of books especially Quran.

“We have reached out to some of our people for help and we have gotten 150,000 Quran books and have distributed it to people of Nigerian” he stressed.

Also speaking on the issue of Corporate Social Responsibility, the Vice Principal informed that the schools since inception slaughters cow every 2 month to share to the people of Damushi community to ensure they have good health especially for the poor and the needy who cannot afford meat for their family.

“All the workers in the school and those that do workmanship are employers form the community.  We constructed this road that you just used to come into the schools with our resources to give the community sense of belonging and make their transportation of their good easy and accessible to people from other communities.

“The schools have their own hospital which is 24 hours operational including 24 hours drivers on standby in case any student fell sick and will be rushed to the hospital and would be well attended” he ended.

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