Ummah Movement Urges FG to Probe Numan killings


By: Joy Odor/Kaduna

The Amir, Ummah Movement, Dr. Muhammad Babangida has called on the Federal Government to constitute a Judicial Commission of Enquiry to probe the causes of about 45 children, women and men of Numan massacre in Adamawa State last month.

Dr. Babangida who made the call in a press statement and made available to newsmen in Kaduna on Thursday also demanded that the Federal Government to identify and punish the perpetrators of the evil act against the Fulani nomads.

According to him, the Federal Government’s failure to arrest and punish perpetrators o past massacres such as the Mambilla three months ago had given room for impunity, saying it is now time to act and to save the lives of other Nigerians.

“The tragedy of 45 unarmed children, women, men and even the elderly of both gender from the Fulani nomads can be massacred in cold blood, under Federal and State Government that have taken a solemn oath to protect them.

“The callous manner their cattle was destroyed suggests some evil motive to undermine national cohesion.

“The media had reported even leaders of the Bachama tribe indicting militia from amongst them for the horrible act; the militias were alleged to be the perpetrators.

“We join other Muslim organizations and indeed His Eminence, the Sultan of Sokoto in calling on the Federal Government to constitute a Judicial Commission for Enquiry to probe the causes, as well as identify and punish the perpetrators of this act.

“The Ummah Movement, with the Headquarters at the National Islamic Centre, Dogarawa Zaria sends its heartfelt condolences to our pastoral brothers and sisters, victims of the recent tragic violence in Numan local government area of Adamawa State on the 21st November, 2017.

“We pray for Allah to have mercy on the victims and to grant the survivors the fortitude to bear the loss’ he lamented” he lamented.

Dr. Babangida opined that the National Assembly as representative of the Nigerian citizens must also take decisive action as they need to disprove the impression that they are insensitive to the suffering of the electorate.

The Amir therefore enjoined the security agencies to see through the recent reprisal follow up attack and the unfortunate death of four policemen as a set-up and a diversion to incite the police to launch an operation that could visit destruction of the first victims all over again.

On the call for grazing reserve, the Amir urged the Federal Government and the officer of the National Security Adviser to study and act against the myopic and short sighted action of States such as Benue with its anti-grazing law.

According to him, the law illegally denies the right of citizens by expelling Fulani herders from their domains, saying enacting anti-grazing g law without providing alternative fodders of functional grazing reserves for millions of cattle merely shows ignorance of and inability to tap into the billion naira diary and meat potential that the cattle economy represents.

Dr. Babangida also informed that the anti-grazing law will also give legal backing for xenophobia tribal militia to attack the Fulani nomadic living within or alongside them.

“Already, the nomads are victims to an organized criminal banditry of cattle rustlers that has made their life hell on earth.

“Regrettably, over the years, there had been friction and tragic annual farmer-herder conflicts but the failure to resolve these lays firmly on state government of the 19 Northern states between 1999 and 2007 clear policies on restoring right of way of nomads, re-demarcating cattle routes and reviving grazing areas for the herders had been adopted by the 19 states but left to gather dust, except in states like Jigawa state.

“This is a better solution to permanently resolve annual farmer-herder clashes Dr Babangida ended.

He therefore called on government at all levels to protect their rights of Fulani’s and not allow them to become second times victims to armed political criminals and secessionist marauders.

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