UpDate Missing Baby: CMD Yusuf Dantsoho Describes It as Regretful


By: Joy Odor/Kaduna

The Chief Medical Director (CMD) of Yusuf Dantsoho Hospital Tudun Wada, Dr. Muhammad Bello Arma Ya’u has described the missing newly born baby of Hajiya Salamatu and Kabiru as unfortunate and regretful incident.

He stated this at the Hospital while briefing newsmen on the update of the incident when some Civil Society Group ‘Child Protection Network in Nigeria’ led by its Secretary, Mr. Patrick Victor visited the hospital for follow up on the case in Kaduna on Thursday.

The CMD explained that the way the news of the missing baby is been speculated was not what transpired at the hospital, saying Hajiya Salamatu, who is 28 year deaf and dumb woman came to the hospital on the 9th of January for delivery.

According to him, Hajiya Salamatu, when examined had complication, so she was admitted for C-section Operation and on the 10th being the next day, she was taken to the threat for the operation and the baby came out fine.

“The Hospital has policy that when a woman came for deliver, she will identify who will receive the baby which Hajiya Salamatu did and identified her mother in law including a lady who has been saying with them since on the 9th she was admitted to the hospital.

“Everything was going fine until around 8: 30 Pm in the Evening when Salamatu developed postpartum hemorrhage ‘Bleeding’ and the doctor was called. Which he came and prescribed some drugs for the family to buy but before then, Salamatu mother came to the hospital to see the baby, making them 3 family members that was with her that day.

“On the process of them trying to see how they will buy the drug, is when Salamatu husband Mallam Kabiru who is a Welder in Mando came to the hospital to see her baby. He was told that Salamatu needed this drug to stop her bleeding, that  is when he went out to buy the drug and the said lady that stolen the baby who has been saying with the family for 2 days, assisting them at the hospital followed Kabiru to go and buy the drug.

“About 5 seconds, the said lady rush back into the Ward yelling that the deaf and dumb Kabiru who is also said to be a brother to one Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Health, Kaduna State has fainted.

The CMD continue to explain that, “when the lady came with the bad news including the drug Salamatu needed, everyone rushed out to see what is happening. She gave the drug to the nurse who is attending to about 13 patients at the Ward.

“The nurse collected the drug, while the lady in question collect Salamatu baby who she was breast feeding from her hand so that she can take the drug, that is when she left with the baby because every other person including Salamatu family were busy trying to resuscitate Kabiru back to life that they did not noticed that the baby is missing until around 10: 00 PM the same evening and the security was alerted. He narrated.

Dr. Arma Ya’u informed that the hospital record delivery of 400 babies in a month as they have the highest delivery across Kaduna State.

According to him, from the beginning of January, the hospital have recorded about 182 delivery and out of the number, 24 undergo C-Section Operation which the babies and their mothers are healthy while only 2 maternal mortality was recorded.

The CMD however attributed the cause of the missing baby as a result of inadequate medical doctors, nurses and ward attendants.

He stressed that Yusuf Dantsoho Hospital only have 25 permanent doctors, 5 NYSC doctors and 100 nurses to attend to 1.5 million people that came to the hospital across the state.

“If you come to the hospital, 1 doctor attend to over 200 patients per-day while 1 nurse is on duty at the maternity ward attending to about 13-15 nursing mothers including critical ones as they run shift. This is not a normal practice.

“The number of doctors in Kaduna State is less than 200 and we have a population of 700 million people so doctors are not enough to attend to the sick people in the state so the state Government should do the needful.

“Go out of the Nigeria, some of our countrymen are working in another country for better offer like Rwanda, Ghana and England because the government cannot meet their needs. The government refused to pay them a good salary and on top of that, there is no good working condition.

“So we have submitted the report of our findings on the missing baby to the commissioner of Health, Dr. Paul Dogo who will then brief the Governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai and more security measures have been put in place at the hospital and wards to fight against such incident. This is the 1st time we are witness this.

“The Police have also questioned every one that was on ground that day when the baby disappeared and promised to ensure that she is found and bring back to the family.

Speaking, the Child Protection Network Secretary, Mr. Patrick Victor said based on what the CMD have explained, the Network will not stop looking and asking questions on the update of the missing baby until she is found including for the Kaduna State Government and Security do the needful.

“We will push and push until the baby is found. That is why we have #Bring Our Baby Back. We will try and see how we will get the attention of the Governor on the matter, and to tell him that the perpetrator should be brought to book.

“We have gone round the hospital and see that they have beef-off security and they also try as much as possible not to say they are reasonability of the missing baby by bring issues of culture and religion to the case which has influence and mitigating against the smooth run of the hospital properly” he stated.


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