2018 NSF: Team Kaduna won with 157 against FCT Abuja in Cricket


By: Joy Odor/Kaduna

Kaduna State Cricket Team has won its first leg competition with 157 margins as against FCT Abuja with 62 runs in the ongoing 19th National Sports Festival, Abuja, 2018

According to the State Coach, Coach Joe Oche Onoja who is also the Team Manager of Nigeria Under 19 Cricket Team in an interview with Nagarta Radio shortly after the competition on Saturday, the 8th of December, 2018 at National Stadium, Abuja said the team will be meeting their next enemy which is Edo State on Monday for their second match.

Coach Onoja who described their game as a good game with such margin while praying that the boys will get the spirit going noted that Kaduna is working hard to ensure they are on top of the group chart to meet with the second Team in the other group.

“With what I witness in today’s game with Kaduna and FCT Abuja, it was a very good outing. We won with 157 run against our enemy with 62 runs.

“We appreciate God and l just prayed that the boys will keep up the good spirit in them in our next game with Edo State on Monday. Even do, you are a good coach, the boys and the boys are playing well, you will still see some lapses here and there that you must correct. That is why we are here.

“Whatever lapses we the coaches have seen in the game, we are going to work on them tomorrow during the training” Coach Onoja said.

In his momentary happiness, the Captain of the Kaduna Cricket Team, Captain Daniel Dim also described their game as a good one, adding that their performance was wonderful and hoped they will continue to play the way they played today.

Speaking on their lapses, Captain Daniel agreed that there must be lapses but with a strong spirit that the lapses are surmountable as they would do better in their next match.

“It was a good game, our performance is good too and our boys were on the top of the game. We hope to play better than we played today.

“In cricket, there must be lapses but we have already talked about them and l believed in the next match with Edo State on Monday, we will even have a better win” He stressed.

Also commenting on their expectation, Captain Daniel opined that Kaduna Team is expecting nothing than Gold medal, saying even right from Kaduna, they already know that Team Kaduna is coming back with Gold in cricket

“Our expectation is Gold. Even from Kaduna State, we know, we will win it as the team spirit is high” He ended.


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