2023: Adamu engages APC Media Correspondents


By Joy Odor

The Ruling All Progressives Congress, (APC) National Chairman, Senator Abdullahi Adamu has engaged the APC Correspondent and it’s publicity machineries as other strategy to win the 2023 general elections.

This is squeal to the presentation of the new APC Director of Media and Publicity, Alhaji Bala Ibrahim to the Correspondent on Thursday.

During his address, the National Chairman enjoined the media to see itself as partners and report the activities of the party fairly without compromising the tenets of their profession.

“Thus far we have not been receiving a good share of publicity but we are not surprised. Every ruling party in every clime suffers from this phenomenon. We are not praying to be in opposition. We have to develop the capacity to handle this phenomenon of support always going for the under privilege .

“But we want to do what is right as humanly possible and our first point of call is our chapel. An unfortunate observation is that when you see any negative coverage it is usually first from the home front.

I’m not saying it casually but as a matter of cause and concern. I’m not saying that the media should compromise its professional ethics. Live by it , work by it but for God’s sake let your blood be your blood. If you are here see us as a family.

For as long as you are here while not comprising the ethics of your practice but we thought we need to close the gap where there is a gap and this is the beginning. We are not always perfect but we want to be on the right side of the news” he added.

Senator Adamu Informed that his team inherited a disorganized and poorly branded party which makes the job of reorganizing and rebranding its image a top priority on assumption of office seven months ago.

Among the efforts to shore up the reputation of the party he said include: renovating the party’s secretariat, staff audit and a deliberate efforts to have a good working relationship with the members of the media in a bid to effectively inform its members and Nigerians.

“This is our seventh month in office and we are still trying as much as time and circumstances will permit us to find the altitude of our flight.

“We came in very difficult time, the party has its challenges that affect the sustainability of the party while we were elected. An when we came we had inec timetables for primaries and the election for this coming 2023. We had to find the right mix to undertaker all the primaries from the delegates to the various levels of election.

“To the actual Congress that produced our candidates for state houses of assembly, house of representatives, governorship, senate and of course the presidential primaries which we concluded precisely on the 8th of June.

“While this was happening we inherited the press corps, those of you who are familiar with the geography and features of the national secretariat of the APC will appreciate the fact and reality that we are trying to reshape our national secretariat and reengineer its image as the headquarters of the ruling parties of this country.

“We are still not done yet but we’ve made tremendous progress. One of the things we’ve done is to give the press corps a chapel, its own building. We have built a fairly modern structure that is suppose to be housing a chapel.

“They can have their conference, receive their visitors , organize their own events and I can say with every sense of satisfaction that no party in this country has done what we have done for the chapel. It is our hope that as we go along whatever is needed to upgrade the facilities for them we will not hesitate to so do.”

While introducing the new Director, he said: “Today’s event is all about introducing our director media and publicity in person of Bala Ibrahim. They call him Mr Black and White, he will tell you what that means. Before him we have heading our media and publicity department is the national publicity secretary of the party.

It is our hope because he is the highest publicity officer of the party that we will be presenting him again when the campaigns rarely kicks off what I will call branding him as the arrow head of anything publicity.

We will do that in due cause. But we took time to present the director, media and publicity to my office because we want to see that we take off a bit of the heat.

There will be too much of heat on one office and as we are going into campaigns now we need to see that the aspect of publicity for this party and our operators is handled in such a manner that will maximize the possible benefits to the party and to Nigerians in terms of what is happening and what we are doing.

We taught we can start from the bottom of the ladder by presenting to you the director of media and publicity in my office. I am the chief executive of this party and it is my hope that similar events will be taking place in due cause so that we can place ourselves in proper perspective in terms of the media.

“Why are we doing all these. We want to do this because we believe that our modern society seeks to know what is happening.

The party being a primary member of the society must be sure that its membership is fully abreast of what it is doing or what it seeks to do or what obstacles are on our way so that we can share this on continuous basis with the followership of the party. Our leadership is about the people, if we don’t have followership we have no business being here.

So, we do not want to run a solo leadership. We want to carry the membership along particularly during this period of electioneering. And who is our partner in doing this. We believe we have no better partner apart from the members of the party itself and the media.”

Responding, the new APC Director of Publicity, Alhaji Bala lbrahim promised to work in synergy with the APC media correspondent to promote the APC image and serve as a bridge between the party NWC and APC Press Corps.

The new Director, Alhaji Bala Ibrahim was born on February 2, 1959 in Chiromawa, Kano, Bala attended Gaya Central Primary School where he obtained his leaving certificate in 1972.

He proceeded to G.S.T.S. Wudil, Kano where he got his W.A.S.C. in 1978, before proceeding to ABU Zaria’s S.B.S. Thereafter, he went to the Greenwich College, London to study Business Management in 1983, and in 2018, he went to the London School of Commerce for his MBA.

Bala started working as a teacher at GGC Dala from 1985 to 1988 before he joined BBC London (African Service) as its Kano reporter between 1988 and 1993.

From 1994 to 1999, he was a producer at BBC Hausa Service in London, before he returned to Nigeria as its Hausa service correspondent in Lagos between 1999 and 2004. Then, he became a producer at BBC Hausa Service London between 2004 and 2005.

He later became an editor for the BBC (Africa and middle East) in Abuja between 2005 and 2006. From 2006, he was BBC regional coordinator till 2008.

In 2010, he was appointed chairman of a budding news magazine, National Review, a position in held till 2016, when he was appointed media adviser to Nigeria’s Inspector General of Police between 2016-2019.

Before his new appointment, he has been an adviser to the Deputy Senate President on special duties.

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