No Computer Skills, No Promotion-TCN Managing Director Warns Staff


By: Joy Odor/Kaduna

 In its efforts to implement transmission, rehabilitation and expansion program of Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), the Managing Director of TCN, Alhaji Usman Muhammad Gur has warned all the staff of the Company to go and equip themselves with computer skills or lose been promoted.

Alhaji Gur who was on a one-day official working visit gave the warning Reportcircle shortly after inspecting power projects in Kaduna, North-West, Nigeria yesterday said henceforth, computer literate will be the criteria for promoting any staff because the Company will not have any out dated person without embracing modern computerized technology of TCN.

He maintained that TCN is transferring from manual way of working to modern computerized world, saying already, all the TCN Legal department and others have completely digitalized all the database.

“Our effort to implement transmission, rehabilitation and expansion program, which we have different method we are using and it has soft and hard component.

“The soft component is the reforms we are doing on TCN to ensure we have organization that is responsive and reliable and under the hard component we have so many which include implementing the Enterprise Resource Management (ERM) project.

“That is why we send circular that all staff of TCN should become computer literate; going forward, from his, year, computer skills will be part of criteria to be promoted.

“This is because we cannot have an organization that all their staff has become archaic. We want to transfer TCN to modern company just like any other grid like India.

“It is very important for you all to try and go to learn computer. We have to digitize our data base because we have to test how we can work with computer before we will begin the ERM. Already, the entire legal department has been completely digitalized” he said.

Alhaji Gur informed that any new staff going to be employed into TCN will undergo compulsory privileged course of 1 year before working with the system to ensure that TCN is up to date, noting that about 300 employee have been trained from June this year to date and many more is warming up.

Speaking on the transformer installation, the Managing Director was of the opinion the transformer installation project was parts of efforts to build redundancy in the power transmission to ensure stable power supply in Nigeria.

He explained that the Minister of Works, Power and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola is to commission newly installed Mega Volt Amps (MVA) and Kilovolt Amps (KVA) transformers in Kaduna next month.

He also assured that, the textile industry in Kaduna, which became moribund due to inadequate power supply, as well as those that left Nigeria for neighbouring African countries will soon bounce back.

“We are already in talk we the textile factories to see how we can ensure stable power supply for them. In fact, a Chinese company that produces electrode will soon come to Nigeria, because we have assured them of constant power. Not only that, all the companies that ran to Ghana and other African countries will soon prefer to do business in Nigeria.”

“The essence of the new transformers we are installing is to build redundancy in power transmission. The standard is that, if you need 60mva, you are supposed to have 60mva in two places, so that, if there is a fault with the 60mva, you immediately switch to the other one while you rectify the fault. So, that is what we are doing all over the country, so that we can prevent power outage.

“Our objective is to move towards a stable and reliable power supply. Definitely, this is the march we are on, though, it is not something that can be achieved in one day, but we are marching on; there is no week that we don’t commission a new transformer in the last few months that we started.

“We are here to inspect the work we are doing here in Kaduna. We have gone to Mando Power Sub-station where we have 330kva and we have looked at the 150 MVA which is under installation.

“We intend to commission the transformers on the 11th of June. The Minister of Works, Power and Housing will personally come to commission the transformers.

“We have also inspected ongoing installation of 330kv lines from Kudende to Mando, which will help us evacuate the Kudende power station. The work is also going on fine; the Contractor has done 21 of the 55 foundations.

“We are going to write to Kaduna State Government to help us remove those houses under the high tension” Alhaji Gur stressed.

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