3 female suicide bomber kill 20 persons in Borno, 52 sustained injuries – DHQ


By Joy Odor

The Defence Headquarters (DHQ) has on Tuesday confirmed the killing of 20 persons in Gworza LGA of Borno State by three female suicide bomber who carried series of reprehensible terror attacks last Saturday.

Major General Edward Buba, the Director Defence Media Operations (DDMO) in a press statement made available to newsmen in Abuja informed that 52 persons also sustained various degree of injuries and receiving treatment

He mentioned that the coordinated attacks comprised of multiple Person Bourne Improvised Explosive Device ( PBIED), otherwise known as
suicide bombings.

“The first was recorded at about 1500hrs, when a female suicide bomber disguised as a beggar invaded a wedding reception at Mararaba Hausari Street and detonated Improvised Explosive Device.

“Thereafter, at about 1700hrs, while efforts was on to stabilized and move causalities of the initial explosion to hospital for further treatment, there was a second detonation from another female suicide bomber.

“The second explosion was on the same street and in close proximity to the first explosion.

“Troops immediately imposed a curfew on the community in order to get members of the community indoors and prevent further casualties, while troops and hybrid forces were enforcing the curfew a third explosion was recorded.

“The third explosion targeted the troops enforcing the curfew. The troops were attacked from behind by a third lady strapped with IED vest.

“The explosion killed a soldier and two members of hybrid forces. The fourth incident was averted when the suspect was identified early enough and she detonated the bomb prematurely whereby she became the only casualty.

“On the whole, 20 persons were killed while 52 sustained various degree of injuries and receiving treatment.

“The armed forces views every life lost as a result of the ongoing war, whether civilian or military, as an immense tragedy. The sad loss of lives are a tragedy for the society, community and the nation.

“Accordingly, on behalf of the Chief of Defence Staff, Gen CG MUSA, officers and members of the armed forces, we express our condolences even as we mourn with all who have lost loved ones. We also commiserate with all victims needing healing and recovery.

“Given that we are in a state of war, it must be recognized that this despicable act is a response to recent successes in ongoing military operations.

“Indeed, our recent operations has decapitated the leadership of the terrorists, depleted their resources, reduced their support base and reduced their influence.

“Clearly, the terrorist embarked on these cowardly attacks against innocent citizens to project an image of strength to cover their weakness and decline. Citizen must see through the smoke screen of the terrorist.

“We must realize that, the terrorist aims to counter the reports of their weakness and create panic in the general population.

“The military is aware that in this phase of their ending life-cycle, the terrorist are desperate to attract attention, bolster relevancy, mobilise new recruits, reduce support for the armed forces and reduce support for the government.

“Accordingly, we call on citizens to stand united, remain vigilant, and continue to support efforts of the armed forces to ensure a secure and peaceful future.

“The fate of the terrorists that perpetrated these insecurity will be violent and short as troops will stop at nothing to take them out of the battlefield.

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