Faith without work is dead – Catholic Clergy Laments



By: Joy Odor/Kaduna

 The Parish Priest, Holy Cross Abakpa Catholic Church, Reverend Father Joshua Achir has augured that faith without work is dead and useless, if the love people always preach all over the world is not seen in action, faith they so much believed in did not become good work.

Reverend Father Achir who is the Co-ordinator, Justices, Development and Peace Commission (JDPC) Kaduna Archdiocese stated this in an interview with reportcircle online publication shortly after the Archbishop of Kaduna, His Grace, Most Reverend Mathew Man-Oso Ndagoso to administer Sacrament of Confirmation to 13 candidates and award of 18 members in recognition of their outstanding contributions and personal dedication to the service including his visit to the Village Head of Abakpa Community, Alhaji Rabiu Dan-Sani as part of his pastoral tour to the church in Kaduna.

“I feel joy because of what has happened today. We have the presence of the Archbishop in our mix confirming 13 of our brothers and sisters in the faith to become adults in the faith and to defend the faith.

“So the presence of His Grace today is something given us so much joy that we can say, our joy really know, no bounds.

“We are grateful to God for him, shortly before he came to begin the Mass; he has gone to the Muslim community to see the leadership of the community to thank them so far for this solidarity that we share and this unity that we share.

“And to also thanked them for ensuring that we have a smooth atmosphere to come here and worship. They feel very happy that the Catholic Bishop of Kaduna visit them, identify with them, to encourage them and to keep up this unity going.

“I want to say a very big congratulation to the confirmed candidates and hoping that you would not allow this faith to die. Some people received this sacrament of confirmation just for the sake of receiving and it does not make any impact in their lives.

“I think His Grace has done justices to the reason about you when he asked a question that ‘Jesus ask his disciples’ who the people said I am. Then you, who do you, say l am. I think his is a question all of us will take home, that every day of our lives; we have to live answering that question.

“What striking point His Grace made is the fact that we cannot carry the faith in our heads when it is not reflected in what we do. He mentions faith and love but l always said, love is much more than loving words.

“Our love must seen in action, our faith also much become a good work, hence faith without good work becomes dead and useless” Fr. Achir ended.


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