4000 MSSN Students starts Vacation Training Course to Support National Development


By: Joy Odor/Kaduna

 About four-thousand Muslims Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN) across Northern States and Abuja in an effort to support government at all levels to ensure peace, security and good neighborliness will start a one week Annual Islamic Vacation Training Course to enhance the capacity of its members to contribute to the national development of Nigeria.

The Publicity Committee Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of the Society, Comrade Yusuf Arrigasiyyu stated this during his speech at the news conference in Kaduna on Wednesday with the Theme: Turning Our Diversity into Strength for National Building”, MSSN As a Pacessetter.

Comrade Arrigasiyyu informed that the Vacation Course will educate the students to uphold the true teachings of Islam to contribute differently in all aspect of their lives.

He mentioned that the training course is going to base imbibing in diversity, to respect people’s opinions and people’s religion appealing to all to work together to make Nigeria a great nation.

Comrade Arrigasiyyu there stressed that the training will showcase training lecture, sanitization and discussions, adding that Nigeria have a lot of crises in Nigeria today, we have different people from different places we are surprise why we cannot leave in peace as Nigerians.

The Chairman said already the Commissioner of Police based on his pro-activeness has commenced to see that security outfit give their maximum support to ensure hitched free programme.

According to him, the number of the participant will not only require the support of the government but all good citizens of Kaduna state to ensure its success.

He lamented that it is everybody’s responsibility to ensure that the youth are well focused to accept every Nigerians, devoid of ethnicity, region and religion.

“It is in view of the above the Northern States Headquarters of the Society, after carefully duties accepted that Kaduna State should host this year’s Islamic Vacation Course.

“I believe that most of you were already aware that Kaduna State branch of the Muslims Students Society of Nigeria will be hosting 4000 Muslim students across the Northern states and Abuja from 22nd to 28th of December 2017 Insha Allah from the number of participants you will understand that a number of gathering of such magnitude requires not only the support of the government but all citizen of Kaduna state so as to ensure it success.

“The male participant will be camped at Kaduna Polytechnic Tudu Wada campus, while the female student will be camped at Queen Amina College Kaduna.

“Already Commissioner of Police based on his pro-activeness has commence to see the successful hosting of his programme, we therefore strongly believed that other security outfit such as SSS, Federal Road Safety Corps, Civil Defence and KASTELEA will give their maximum support to ensure hitched free programme in Kaduna state.

“We have no any iota of doubt that since the 75th IVC was not the first time Kaduna state is holding the Islamic vacation course , to continue to make Kaduna state proud in the eyes of the participant who will be coming from various nooks and crannies of this country.

“We are appalling for similar support rendered to us by Islamic organization, philanthropist and the government of Kaduna state when we hosted the programme in 1998 and 2008.

“It is everybody’s responsibility to ensure that our youth are well focused to accept all of us as Nigerians, devoid of out ethnicity, region and religion hence the selection of this year’s theme” he ended.

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