ALERT: FG raises alarm over illegal harvesting of human organs in Egyptian hospitals



By: Joy Odor/Kaduna

The Nigerian Government has joined its voice to raise alarm over the 41 suspected illegal human kidney traffickers on the trail in Egypt.

According to Online report by “Naija Magazine Online”, in a letter dated 11th October 2017 and addressed to the President, Nigerian Medical Association, through the Federal Ministry of Health noted that there is an increase in illegal harvesting and transplanting of human organs in Egypt.

The letter listed the following hospitals and health service providers as suspects, Dar Al-Shefa in Helwan, Cairo, Al-Bashar Specialist Hospital, Faisal Giza, Al-Amal Centre for General Surgery in Maurinteye, Giza and Dar Ibn Al-Nafis Hospital, Giza.

“Illegal organ harvesting and trafficking is a multi-billion dollar business globally. China alone is reputed to deal in over US$1 billion in the illicit trade, where many prisoners are used as live organ donors” government added.

The Government, therefore, warned Nigerians hoping to embark to seek health services abroad to be circumspect while embarking on medical tourism in other countries.





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