Almagiri, Nomadic Pastoralists purchases APC presidential form for Jonathan, tells other aspirants to step down


By Joy Odor

A group under the auspices of Nomadic Pastoralists and the Association of Almajiri of Nigeria has picked the Expression of Interest and Nomination Form for the Former President Goodluck Jonathan on the platform of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

The Leader of the Group, Alhaji Ibrahim Abdullahi while speaking to journalists shortly after obtaining the form on Monday in Abuja enjoined Nigerians to support their movement while other aspirants should withdraw and support the former President.

He informed that they purchased the form for the former President to come back and lead Nigeria to continue with his good work.

According to Alhaji Abdullahi, President Jonathan brought a comprehensive policy of reformation and integration of Almajiri into the mainstream educational system in Nigeria, saying his dream and vision died as he left the office.

He was of the opinion that if the programme has continued, it would have long produced doctors, engineers, unlike what obtains today.

“Unfortunately, that programme was kept aside as soon as he left, the other part of the community the vulnerable community that Goodluck Jonathan wanted to really, you know, give a sense of belonging was the Fulani community and nomadic pastoralists.

Recall that he set aside 60 billion naira in the cofers of the Central Bank of Nigeria, which was to be used to develop livestock in Nigeria. I believe that if government has continued with that programme, today, we will have been Denmark, the Sweden, the whole of the entire Africa we could have been what Denmark sees in Europe, in terms of livestock production, in terms of milk, in terms of beef, and so on” he lamented.

When asked if President Jonathan have agreed to run for presidency, Alhaji Abdullahi maintained that whether he agrees or not, they need to purchase the form for him because Goodluck Jonathan is for all Nigerians.

The Group Leader assured that their communities, the nomadic pastoralists has the voting power of about 9 million votes plus the advisory who also can produce about 5 million, about 14 million called on other Nigerians to make it at least 2 million for Jonathan.

“We are ready not only to purchase this form for President Goodluck Jonathan, but I want to assure you that our communities, the nomadic pastoralists has the voting power of about 9 million votes plus the advisory who also can produce about 5 million, about 14 million, all we are asking other Nigerians is to give give us at least 2 million and we are home and right.

“As you may have heard a lot of you know interest groups have been coming out to urge him to come and contest but we felt that because of the deadline that was given whether he agrees or not, we need to purchase this form. Goodluck, Jonathan is not for good luck, Jonathan. Goodluck Jonathan is for all Nigeria’s.

“If you are talking about Goodluck Jonathan, I don’t think there is any aspirants so far that we have seen that can be compared in any way with Goodluck Jonathan, or less if Nigerians are not serious or less if we don’t want to reintegrate and unite in this country, unless if you want to continue playing the politics of religion playing the politics of tribalism, you can see I’m a Fulani man coming from the Far North.

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