Awka Millennium City Housing Project: Gov. Obiano Signs 46.5 dollars MOU With M-P Infrastructure




Anambra State government has signed a Memorandum of understanding worth forty-six point five million dollars with MP Infrastructure Limited for Estate development.

The event took place at the Governor’s Lodge, Amawbia where Governor Willie Obiano signed on behalf of the State government, while Dr. Clem Nwogbo signed on behalf of the Company.

The company is proposing to get one hundred hectares of land from
Anambra State government while State government has agreed to commence with an initial twenty-five hectares to develop a Millennium Estate.

The profit sharing formula is Seventy three percent for the company, twenty four percent for State government and three percent for the host Community.

Governor Obiano expressed appreciation that Dr. Nwogbo is one of the people that heeded his Aku Luo Uno call, having come back to invest in agriculture and telecommunications.

The Governor explained that it is expected that the Eco friendly city
project modeled after what is usually seen abroad will provide about one thousand direct jobs, adding that MP infrastructure is the Seventh company investing in infrastructure in the State.

The Managing Director of Anambra State Investment Promotion and
Protection Agency, Mr. Jide Ikeakor explained that the Ministry of
Housing, Lands, Physical Planning, Awka Capital Territory Development
Authority and others, are involved in the project which will happen in
phases, stressing that if they fail to develop within six months, the
MOU will be withdrawn


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