Bishop Kukah to speak on Development Discourse with Patrick Okigbo III, join the conversation


By Joy Odor

It has been observed that Socio-cultural diversity plays a significant role in the life of Nigerians.

Despite efforts by successive governments to create the legal and constitutional framework for a nation, Nigeria still lacks the myths and stories that enable a shared nationality.

There are more centrifugal forces that pull the country apart than there are centripetal forces that pull it together.

Many of these forces are rooted in ethnicity, religion, classism, and many more and as such, there are hardly Nigerians in Nigeria.

Matthew Hassan Kukah, Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, is one of Nigeria’s leading scholars whose books and essays provide fresh insight into some of the most intractable development challenges in the country.

He writes extensively on religious militancy, politics, governance, development, and more.

Bishop Kukah will be the guest on the July 2020 “Development Discourse with Patrick Okigbo III”.

The discourse will explore a broad range of topics: religious competitiveness and the dynamics of a modern Nigerian state, bigoted politics and its impact on development, impact of religion on a pseudo-secular nation, elites and the poverty of the masses (think of the Almajiri), identity politics, democracy and development, demographic bomb, place of women in Nigeria, ethnic hegemony, the performance of the Buhari administration on nation-building, and many more.

The conversation will interrogate how to reverse the centrifugal forces pulling the nation apart.

Topic: *Centrifugal Forces in a Complex State*

Date: *Sunday, July 26, 2020*

Time: *5:00 P.M. – 6:00 P.M.

You can join the conversation on Zoom by registering on:

Or on Facebook:

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Abdulrahman Yusuf
Analyst, Nextier


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