Botswana rank best police force in Africa, Nigeria ranked worst


By: Socrates Mbamalu Opinion lifestyle TV

 The World Internal Security and Police Index (WISPI) has ranked Botswana as the best Police in Africa and Nigeria the worst.

The ranking which was done by the International Police Science Association (IPSA) and the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) said Botswana’s Police was ranked the 47th in the World and the first in Africa.

Rwanda was ranked 50th in the world and second in Africa, Algeria was 58th, Senegal was 68th and, Tunisia 72nd.

Globally, Uganda, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) occupied 124, 125 and 126 respectively, out of the 127 Countries ranked.

Nigeria on the other hand was ranked 127th out of the 127 countries ranked.

The report stated that police and judicial system effectiveness is a serious problem in Nigeria and that general corruption was high according to the Control of Corruption indicator.

81 per cent of Nigerian respondents to the Global Corruption Barometer admitted to paying a bribe to a police officer in the last year.

Only 0.06 per cent of thefts were reported to police while unsurprisingly, the Rule of Law index found that military and police officials are likely to use their public positions for private gain.

In the past few weeks, Nigerians commented on social media about their experiences with the police as many listed the atrocities the Nigerian Police commits including illegal detention, extrajudicial killings, intimidation and demand for bribes.

The Nigerian Police has a phrase that says “police is your friend,” but that has been in practice Nigerians tell a different story.

The relationship between Nigerian police and citizens is characterized by deep distrust and animosity.

There is generally a lack of trust and respect for the Nigerian police, and the police force and central government will need to continuously work to improve the relationship between the public and police, to earn the respect and trust of citizens.


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