Catholic Bishop warns Nigerian youths may revolt against the rich as the country is sitting on gun powder after EndSARS



The Catholic Bishop of Awka Diocese Anambra State, Bishop Paulinus Ezeokafor has expressed fear that Nigerian youths may revolt against the rich in the country.

Bishop Ezeokafor who spoke to journalists in Awka on Thursday at briefing to mark the 2020 Christmas festival said that he was seeing a situation where the youths will rise up against the ‘bigmen, and it would be deadly.

“I’m seeing a situation where Nigerians will be protesting against the big men and any person who did not show clearly the source of his incomes may be dealt with.

“The EndSARS protest may be a child’s play compared to the protest against the rich,” he stated.

According to the Bishop, the masses are not comfortable and happy with the economic and security situation of the country and they may vent their anger very soon.

He said the country is sitting on gun powder and may soon catch fire and will consume all, if government does nothing to give the people comfort they need

Bishop Ezeokafor said the greatest challenge of the country was corruption and favouritism, urging government to fight it.

According to the Bishop, people sitting tight in office and denying the youths the opportunity to earn a living is corruption of highest order.

“One of the highest corruption in the country is that some people are sitting tight on power even when they have expired and have nothing to add again.

“These people have taken their positions, their children and that of their grandchildren. The youths are not happy and they may rebel against the government and it will lead to serious revolution,” he stressed.

Bishop Ezeokafor also called on government to find alternative means of funding the economy because oil is becoming worthless in the world economy.

”We want a country that our economy will get better. Very soon oil will pack up. With new technology, there are electric cars that will make oil unattractive and the government should be planning alternative,” he said.

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