Catholic Nuns commences free medical tests to brothels to reduce STIs



To reduce Sexually Transmitted Infections, (STIs), hepatitis B and C, HIV and AIDS, malaria and typhoid fever, a Catholic Nun, Reverend Sister Dorathy Okoli, has carried out free medical tests for commercial sex workers at brothels in Onitsha.

Sister Okoli who has been campaigning to rescue young girls who are into commercial Sex Business said getting the girls to run the test was another uphill task.

Sister Okoli who is the Founder of an NGO, Save Young Girls Motherhood Foundation, maintained that the organization direly needs a rehabilitation home where the repentant girls could be kept to learn vocational training, after which they would be empowered, to help them become financially independent and keep their minds away from the odd job.

She said though the exercise was carried out free of charge, it took more than just the usual persuasion to get them to comply.

The Catholic Nun said ordinarily the medical tests should not be carried out in the brothels giving that the girls mostly return to the same vocation to meet the same disease that had been detected and treated.

The Reverend Sister said the results of the tests would later be sent to their collated phone numbers, after which those whose test came back positive would be expected to visit hospitals for immediate treatment.

The girls were tested mainly for hepatitis B and C, the two most deadly variants of the killer disease, as well as HIV and AIDS. There were also tests for malaria and typhoid fever, and Sexually Transmitted Infections, STIs.

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