Center-LSD Trains Kaduna Journalists on Conflict Sensitive Reporting



By: Joy Odor/Kaduna

About thirty (30) Kaduna Based Journalists comprises the Print, Broadcast and Online have been trained on Conflict Sensitive Reporting aimed at enhancing their capacity to factor Anti-hate speech, anti-fake news as well as violence prevention consciousness into reporting of the electoral process in the State before, during after elections.

The 2-days training workshop organized by African Centre for Leadership, Strategy and Development (Centre-LSD) in collaboration with Christian Aid Nigeria in Kaduna, North-West, Nigeria on 5th of March, 2019  Tagged: ‘Conflict Sensitive Journalism Workshop’ becomes critical for the need of a proper reporting of conflict news that would not affect the mood of the nation.

In an interview with Reportcircle, the Acting Executive Director of Centre-LSD, Mr. Monday Osasah said the training became imperative because of the conflict issues happening across Kaduna State in every election and other purposes.

According to him, “the training is also critical for journalists to be much more conscious by using historical research in the course of reporting to be cable to understand the trend and know how to relate with members of the public.

“The training is all about capacitating the journalists on how to report conflict sensitive. The training has become imperative because of the issues currently happening in Kaduna in term of conflict not only on elections, there are other conflicts that happened for another purposes.

“I think for proper reporting that will not affect the mood of the nation, the need to have the training become critical and as journalists, there are rules of engagement and those rules are essentially what the training is trying to remind journalists about” He stressed.

Mr. Osasah explained that the choice of Kaduna for the training is that there are conflicts issues that the Centre cannot closed their eye and watch , saying this is one way the Centre can contribute to ensure there is peace in every nook and crannies in Nigeria.

The Acting Director said the training is important  for the fact that there is need to have a society with transformative and leadership with sustainable development, noting that such cannot happen if there are crises which negating that the corporate vision Centre-LSD set out.

“The training is also happening in Kaduna and Benue states which centered on areas of serious concern, titled ‘When the media did not get it right and getting it right” he said.

Participating journalists were subjected to discussions and group-work on identifying and discussing political/elections stories headlines that are non-conflict sensitive and could incite or capable of promoting violence, identifying and discussing political/election stories/headlines that are conflict sensitive and could douse tension or discourage violence, among others.


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