China, Canada, Italy, other embassies assures IPC-Nigeria of bilateral support


By Joy Odor

As part of his tour of Diplomatic Communities in Nigeria, the newly appointed Head of Mission, International Peace Commission in Nigeria, (IPC), Ambassador Haruna Husseini Coomassie, has received high levels of bilateral cooperation and assurances from various embassies in Nigeria for a hitch-free operation.

The visits which aimed to promote peaceful coexistence, cooperation, and stability between Nigeria, and the rest of the world consist of a team of experts, diplomats, and peace ambassadors discussing issues of common interest, including security, trade, culture, education, youth, and women and children empowerment.

Among the first call from various embassies visited in the week, was the embassy of the People’s Republic of China, in Nigeria.

It was indeed a warm reception at the Peoples Republic of China’s Embassy on Tuesday, as Ambassador Haruna Coomassie of IPC and his team were received by Amb H.E. CUI Jianchun, who expressed China’s commitment to global peace and cooperation.

Both the Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria and Amb. Dr Haruna Coomassie is seeking ground for bilateral cooperation on how peace can be achieved in the country.

The two sides discussed ways to enhance diplomatic and economic ties as well as opportunities for collaboration with the IPC Mission in Nigeria, especially in areas such as helping in building necessary logistics that will enhance its operations for efficiency as the mission settles down for work.

Amb CUI Jianchun expressed his delight over the visit thus:

“I am very delighted to have you visit us. I have met personally with you before now, but not in a conducive environment like this.

“But today, we can talk about how we can do things together. You are welcome to the Chinese embassy in Nigeria.

“Your mandate is not only for Nigeria, but it is also for China. We can do lots together and achieve a lot together in any of the positions.” He said.

The Chinese envoy minced no words as he assured the visiting Ambassador and his team, of his desire and that of his embassy in helping to facilitate training for the IPC members in Nigeria; this he said will help enhance on-the-job capacities and performances in line with global best practice.

CUI Jianchun advocated defence, development and dialogue as critical tools in solving Nigeria’s security challenges, in particular, being one of the yardsticks to achieving bilateral relationships with Nigeria from across the globe.

Hear him:

“We shared ideas on how can we achieve development, we need development, we need defence and we need dialogue.

“That alone I can say is very important for Nigeria, and also we have the competence on how we can be doing things together to achieve peace in Nigeria and also in China.” The envoy quipped.

Earlier, Amb Coomasie expressed his enthusiasm that China came first on his visit to embassies, and first among member-states who are donor nations to the cause of IPC globally.

He pointed out that, the Chinese flag at the IPC-Nigeria’s Maitama office in Abuja, is well positioned among other nations as a symbol of recognition that China among others remains one of the bigger donors to IPC Mission at the global level.

Coomassie affirmed that the tour of embassies in Nigeria by the IPC would not be complete without the embassy of the People’s Republic of China.

He further highlighted the roles China as a country has played in search of global peace, such as the support it accorded the government in Syria against aggression during the war in Syria.

“Your excellency, IPC is an international body, we promote global peace, though unfortunately, we came to Nigeria very late; however, we would do our best in Nigeria, because Nigeria needs it most.

“Peacebuilding is a very difficult task to achieve and maintain. All countries that fought war achieved nothing.

“China’s role in the struggle for global peace cannot be overestimated and is enormous. I still recall, at the time of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Chinese president was one of the early voices among the three presidents that made a direct call to President Putin for dialogue, rather than war.

“Similar role was played by the Chinese authority in the war in Syria when the Chinese among other allies supported the government of the day against aggression from the other side.

“So China’s place in search of global peace has always been tailored towards democracy and legitimate governments across the world.”

“China has never been on the side of rebels or rebellion side to the best of my knowledge.” Coomassie opined.

On the mission of the IPC to the embassy, he speaks further: “The world needs China for global peace and economic survival, and it is for this reason that we are here.

“Secondly, we are here to solicit your support at the China embassy in Nigeria and China as a country.

“We are a member of the UN global compact, that only survive on donation from nations such as yours.

“We are not out here looking for money, but we need logistical support that will help enhance our operations for efficiency and effective performance.

” This includes any areas you deemed could help IPC-Nigeria to achieve its aims and objectives, and such will be highly appreciated.

“I have confidence that I am meeting an ambassador that is vast in areas of peace and Knowledge. What we are looking for, they have the knowledge to give us.

“This discussion with the Chinese Ambassador has been fantastic and I have a lot to go home with.

“I do believe that both countries have huge potential on how we can synergise and work things out internationally, and we will enjoy a handful of results. Coomassie added.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Coomassie’s led team also visited the Greece embassy in Nigeria, where he met with Ambassador Ioannis Plotas. They discussed bilateral issues and the need for a peaceful resolution to conflicts around the world.

The ambassadors agreed on the importance of international cooperation and dialogue to promote stability and security.

During the visit, the International Peace Commission Nigeria reaffirmed its commitment to promoting peace, justice, and human rights.
Ambassador Coomassie emphasized the importance of building bridges and fostering mutual understanding between nations to prevent conflict and promote peace.

The visit to all the embassies was seen as a positive step towards building stronger partnerships between nations for the benefit of all. The International Peace Commission Nigeria hopes to continue its efforts to promote peace and cooperation as the visitations continue.

Other embassies visited in the week, are the Canadian; Italian; Hungary; Egypt; Turkey and Indian embassies.

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