Corruption Reporting: ActionAid Nigeria, SCRAP-C trains Kaduna-based journalists



By: Joy Odor/Kaduna

3-day media training expected to look at the challenges journalists face in the discharge of their duties, particularly in the report of corrupt cases, skills and system problems and embarking on investigative journalism, sponsored by ActionAid Nigeria under the Strengthening Citizens Resistance Against Prevalence of Corruption (SCRAP-C) project has commenced.

The media training on corruption and storytelling targeted for 30 Journalists in Kaduna State were drawn from various media organizations comprised the print, online and the broadcast journalists.

Speaking on the objectives and expected outcome of the training, the Project Administrator SCRAP-C Project, Ms. Foluso Ibigbami said, the objective is basically to build the capacity of the media on corruption reporting (investigative and data journalism) and storytelling.

She informed that the expected outcome is an improved knowledge of media on corruption reporting and storytelling.

Earlier, one of the Resource Persons and Media Expert, Mr Lekan Otufodunrin stressed that for an investigative reports that worth it’s onions, the writer must assemble his facts, establish the truth using the facts and providing the public with useful information with evidences to back up conclusions.

Meanwhile, during the training, the participating journalists are expected to be taken through the principles of clear writing, interviewing techniques, story ideas development.

Also to be discussed in the 3-day training program is scripting writing for a wow story, integrating social media into news reporting, and Freedom of Information (FOI) and how to use the Act for investigative stories and news and feature as a tool for the investigative journalism.

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