CSN disapproval North Korea Nuclear Weapon Programme, … says not in support of such act




By: Joy Odor/Kaduna

The Chemical Society of Nigeria (CSN) and other Chemistry bodies has expressed disapproval over the North Korea Nuclear Weapon Programme, saying CSN is not in support of such act.

This was made known by the National Vice President and Chairman National Organizing Committee of the Society, Professor Sunday Ola Wale Okeniyi , FCSN during a press briefing at the National Union Of Journalists Secretariat in Kaduna, where he strongly slammed the struggle.

“The Chemical Association of Nigeria in line with our mandate and in cooperation with Chemical Societies all over the world, including the international Union of Applied Chemistry had earlier come out at a point with our own ministry about North Korea Nuclear Weapon Program.

“In fact on the 40th annual global conference of the applied chemistry of which I was in attendance in Brazil, this was greatly discussed and all over reports are been drafted and sent to Government in the E.U and government of the common wealth on the implications involved by North Korea developing chemical and Nuclear weapons and we the Chemical Society of Nigeria and other Chemistry Body worldwide out rightly condemn it,” he said.

“The CSN which was founded in 1971 has its aim at raising national consciousness on the centrality of chemistry to the overall progress of man and development of society”.

“With over 5000 members, the Chemical Society of Nigeria CSN is the major professional body representing and promoting the practice of chemistry and all chemist’s in Nigeria, it is the premier professional home for chemist’s, chemical engineers and related professionals”.

“CSN also seeks to, among other things, protect the professional interest of chemist’s as well as promote and stimulate the advancement and the propagation,study and practice of the science of chemistry and related sciences as channels for sustainable national development in Nigeria”.



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