FEDUP assures delivery of affordable housing for members


By Joy Odor

The Association for the Support of Urban Poor (FEDUP) has assured to deliver an affordable housing for its members in Abuja.

The Secretary of the Association, Mr. Yusuf Edego made this known yesterday in Abuja during a press briefing to let the public know the Association’s effort in giving the group a new image.

He was of the opinion that the Association is building confidence and credibility after the mismanagement that affected its clients.

Mr. Edego said with what the new management team has put on ground they believed that their members and the general public would have confidence in the new team to deliver affordable housing for them.

“By a persons impact, performance, character and sincerity as well as walking the talk, with time people will see that the project is a reality”

He said the major problem as people is lack of sincerity and that once people see that a person is sincere they will trust him to deliver.

“The major problem bedevilling the country is integrity. Many people especially in property development, more than 60% collect money from people and the public generally yet there is nothing on ground to show for it.

“That is why we removed the former executive members and then came up with elected people of integrity.

“Our chairman is a paramount ruler of impeccable integrity. I am a legal practitioner I have my law firm at Jennifer plaza Central area.

“So you have people with verifiable address. We are people that people can enquire and link up with our character.

“They know that for our records we are people of integrity and we are sure that by God’s grace they will not be disappointed”

On how he thinks people will have confidence in the association after the dent on its integrity, he said, it is the reason for the press conference.

“Before we came we have one or two projects on ground that are verifiable that has been executed by the new executive.

“We have acquired twelve hectares at Kurudu that you can verify which you can buy and build your own house.

“Also the public can go to FCDA at the SDD department and meet the director that FEDUP claim they are in partnership with them to build about 167 housing units at Kuje.

“They are verifiable. Then the issue of 30 hectares we just acquired is still in process.

“We have the Family homes Fund which is an agency established by the Federal Government for provision of Social Houses for Nigerians so we are partnering with them by the grace of God they have agreed to sponsor the 30 hectares for the general Public.

It would be recalled that a new board was constituted after the last management was accused of embezzling over N200m for which the matter is in court.


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