Gozo Trading Shop Kaduna Central Market under lock and key


By: Joy Odor/Kaduna

Kaduna State Security forces of Operation Yaki has surrounded some part of the State Central Market known as “Gozo Trading Shop” opposite Conoil Fuel Station when you stop at Co-operative junction along Ahmadu Bello Way.

Since 6: clock in the morning of this report, the part of the market has been under lock and key as the security person did not allow any on the traders to open or sell.

The reason as Reportcircle gathers when visited the scene of the Central Market, is that the real owners of the shops which is under lock and key with heavy security personnel in their vans have problem with the Kaduna State Government.

The traders, who said they are only renting the shops from the real owners, questioned why the security would lock their shop when they have problem with the owners.

According to them, the state government would have written to the real owners and ask them to come and see them instead of locking their shop and denying them their means of livelihood, saying that it is unfair.

The called on the state government to deal directly with the real owners and leave their shops alone because they are only renting the shop, saying if Kaduna State Government want to claim the land back from the owners as they said, it should not lock their shops but settle it with the owners.

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