Group calls for commercialization of research output of tertiary institutions



By: Joy Odor/Kaduna


Group of Academia’s, industry and Government has called for the commercialization of research results conducted by tertiary institutions in Nigeria to make significant contributions to national development.

The Chairman Main Organizing Committee, International Conference on Research and Innovation with Exhibition (ICRI), Engineer Okopi Alex Momoh made the call on behalf of the group in his speech at a press conference of Academia, Industry and Government Linkage (The Triple Helix Conference) with the Theme: “Diversification of the Nigerian Economy through Research and Innovation” in Kaduna Friday.

The Chairman mention that the Consortium of Partners Organizations made of Agencies, Academia’s, Industry and Government is worried about the long standing lack of synergy among the triple Helix to transform research results from tertiary institutions into commercial venture of national growth and development which necessitated the press conference.

Dr. Momoh informed that the press conference become imperative to promote real-time problem solving researches and commercialization of research outputs, saying the lack of linkages and collaboration for commercialization of productive researches is the major concern that this conference seeks to address.

“This conference which brings together researchers in various disciplines in an interactive environment focuses on the Triple Helix Model’ of R & D collaboration. The formation of a Triple Helix of Academia, Industry, and Government is focuses on increasing attention to the economic utilization of public funded research”.

“The vision of the Consortium of Partner organizations id to establish this conference as an advocacy platform for the promotion of commercialization of appropriate technologies developed in the country”.

“The collaborative model ensures valuable utilization of academic research output as it seeks for an end-user for every research project in a collaborative manner”.

“There is a compelling need to develop a national policy framework on research and innovation collaboration for commercialization of research output with high potentials for value addition to economic development”.

“The big event of this conference is the Executive Round Table discussion by  Chef Executive Officers of tertiary institutions, industries and governments agencies to develop a policy frame work ion collaboration among the academia, industry and government for commercialization of technologies development in the country” he noted.

The Chairman emphasized that the challenges of all round sustainable development faced by Nigeria and the long-term character of research activities call for a strategic approach to research and innovation for diversification of the Nation’s economy.

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