Iberiberism, tribesmen citizens will send Nigeria to Oblivion if patriotic citizens don’t take over leadership – Senator Rochas



By Joy Odor

The Senator representing Imo West, Senator Rochas Okorocha has lamented that the problem of Nigeria started aftermath of colonialism that brought three categories of citizens such as the iberiberized citizens, tribal citizens and patriotic citizens.

He said the iberiberim citizens are seventy percent in number in Nigeria who are the lawyers, politician, doctors, journalists among other professionals and if the patriotic citizens do not take over leadership, will send Nigeria to Oblivion.

According to Senator Rochas, iberiberim citizens are selfish people with l don’t care attitude of their country, who draw the Nation down and all they do are complain everyday but add nothing to the resource.

The tribesmen, he said, are the citizens that are found in political class, they talk nothing but their religion in every issues, they talk about their tribe in every discussion, saying the tribesmen are partial citizens.

Senator Rochas noted that, Nigeria as a Nation has all it takes to compete with the developed countries of the world but one thing that was lacking is patriotism citizens who thinks nothing but the quality governance of Nigeria and are few in number.

Senator Okorocha stated while fielding questions at the FCT Secretariat of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) as part of plans to mark his 59th birthday.

“They are selfish people who have this I don’t care attitude about what is happening in the country and are found in all strata.

“The tribesmen hold the country by the jogular, use tribalism and religion to win elections without any meaningful development from their rulership.

“They are good at spreading false news to disunite the country when they are not in power or use religious and tribal fallacies to woo citizens to support their evil while in power.

“Once there are issues in the country the first coming from them even as rulers is accusing one tribe or the other. They are quick to condemn other tribes and exenorate their own tribes.

“Then there are the patriots who are not up to five per cent of the entire population.

“They think, eat sleep Nigeria but in most cases they are not heard because these tribesmen are everywhere deceiving citizens with their tribal and religious sentiments with which they keep them in perpetual poverty.”

The former governor argued that nothing was wrong with Nigeria as a country but the mismanagement of her resources by the unpatriotic tribesmen in power.

He maintained that national spirit was lacking in Nigeria saying that presence of patriotism would elevate every citizen both low and high to love the country, be patriotic and think of what to offer to the country not what the country would offer to him or her.

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