International Children’s Day: Senator SARAKI facilitates with Nigerian children …promises better Days



Caroline Ameh

The Former President of the Nigerian 8th Assembly Session, Dr. Bukola Saraki has sounded the gong of celebration for all Nigerian children on the special day set aside globally to honour children.

In a Statement released by the National Spokesperson of the Saraki Support Group, Mr. Ed Malik Abdul, Dr. Saraki is especially proud of the Nigerian children for their intelligence, scholarship and inquisitive minds to learn from the parents, leaders and society.

According to him, “the Nigerian children, like the adults, are also going through trying times as a result of a combination of development challenges that the nation is facing which has had a spiral effect on the access which they have to educational and extra-curricular activities that ought to play a great role in shaping and moulding their characters and also, their future ambitions”

According to the spokesperson of the Saraki Support Group Spoks, Dr. Saraki has assured the Nigerian children and the youths that better days will soon be here because he understands the importance of an early and all-round training of the young minds to enable them to unleash their envisioned potentials which by extension will be a veritable pool of human resources that our country so badly need for real growth in every aspect of our national life.

The Statement also challenged our leaders to show proper examples in their conducts as children are bound to follow their footsteps and of which the outcome depends on the values that have been inculcated and ingrained in the young minds during their formative years.

The Spokesperson also revealed that in the coming days, that the former Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki will initiate and canvass improved interactive programs to expose the youths to opportunities in the information, communication and technology emergent economies.

He further disclosed that discussions are currently ongoing with panoply of consults in order to ascertain the programs best suited for the different psychographic compartmentalization of the youths based on national need.

“And when the program of action is finally formulated, the implementation and deployment would cover the whole gamut of orientations that will challenge the youth to embrace positive values.” the statement concluded.

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