Kaduna Kick-Start House-To-House Search to Curb Infectious Diseases, Says Health Commissioner


By: Joy Odor/Kaduna

Kaduna State Commissioner for Health, Dr Paul Dogo said that the State is preparing to protect the citizens from outbreak of other infectious diseases such as measles, cholera, meningitis and other viral hemorrhagic diseases through house-to-house search to curb the spread of disease.

The Commissioner who said though the State has not recorded any single case across the 23 Local government but they are not taken chances also added that the Ministry ‎is ready to maintain level of preparedness to contain Lassa fever outbreak in the state.

Dr Paul stated this at the #OpenKDSMOH for Health Sector Performance Review Interactive Meeting organized by Kaduna State Accountability Mechanism (KADMAN).

He said the state has a robust supply chain management system with Medicines that can easily be pre-positioned in hospitals to manage isolated cases. ‎‎

“We have made preparedness for outbreak of infectious diseases such as measles, cholera, meningitis, Lassa and other viral hemorrhagic diseases.

“Our robust supply chain management system have Medicines that can easily be pre-positioned in our hospitals to manage isolated cases” he said.‎

Dr. Paul Dogo also informed that the State have maintained polio free status since November 2012 and are working hard to build sufficient herd immunity through strengthened routine immunization ‎programme.

On Tuberculosis-TB, the Health Commissioner, explained the Ministry have started house to house search for active tuberculosis to curb the spread of the disease by undetected active TB cases within communities in the state.‎‎

He said, so far, the State Government has deployed 1,240 newly recruited medical professionals to hospitals across the state.

“This has improved the Human Resource situation of our general hospitals and better quality of services” the Commissioner stressed.

On the government care services for the elderly from 70 years and above, Dr. Paul said the programme was meant for elderly patients that have diabetes, hypertension or both and are provided with very good drugs during clinic visits.

“Should they be admitted to hospital, the programme provides them with money to pay the admission fee.

“Just yesterday (Wednesday) we made payments to three such patients at the Dr. Gwamna Awan General Hospital.

“There is also a life assurance component where a token is paid to the family should they die during admission” Dr Dogo said.

The Commissioner therefore pointed out that the programme for the elderly was in partnership with Sevier Pharmaceutical International.

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