Medical Laboratory Services provide 70% empirical data -AMLSN


By: Joy Odor/Kaduna

The need for the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria (AMLSN) to continue to work together towards the common national goal to attain the required excellence in medical laboratory diagnostic has been stressed.

The Association stated this to newsmen at a press conference through the National First Vice President, Comrade Uche Odionyenma as part of the activity for the hosting of its upcoming 53rd Annual National Scientific Conference ‘KADA 2017’ with the theme “Strengthening of Medical Laboratory Services: A Panacea for National Health Agenda in Kaduna on Tuesday.

Comrade Odionyenma who doubled as the Chairman, National Organizing Committee of the Conference disclosed that an enhanced practice of the Profession has the enormous prospect and the capacity to positively transform and strengthen the health care system.

According to him, Medical Laboratory Science as a distinct profession is endowed with the mandate of applying the methods of scientific experimentation, observation and interpretation for diagnostic and therapeutic accuracy by the medical practitioner.

He continued to mention that a licensed medical laboratory scientist who has generated and prepared a laboratory report or supervised its generation will be liable for the accuracy of its content under the law.

To this end, the Vice-President said, Laboratory test play an indispensable role in the early detention and accurate diagnosis of diseases, monitoring of treatments, disease surveillance and prevention.

“It is a known fact that the tools of sciences and technology have revolutionalized health care practice. Medical laboratory Science is one of the fundamental tools used in making decision in the practice of medicine and health care delivery.

“Modern health care practice is a multi- disciplinary endeavor involving many profession and professionals and has gone beyond the scope, training and competency of any single profession”.

“In fact the introduction of science into medical practice stopped the obnoxious hunches, intuition and guesses in the art of medicine. Modern health care delivery is evidence based and thrives on the provision of empirical data as a basis for diagnostic and therapeutic decisions.

“Medical laboratory services provide 70% of theses needed empirical data” Odionyema lamented.

Comrade Odionyenma therefore informed that Medical laboratory is a vital and major component of preventive, curative and promotive health care services, hence the strengthening of medical laboratory services remains a panacea for the sound health of any nation’s citizenry.

The 53rd Annual Conference and Workshop of the AMLSN event will involve the assemblage of notable medical laboratory professionals, renowned scholars, notable researchers and policymakers nation-wide and beyond.

The Conference will also set the stage for all notable professionals in the field of medical laboratory science to brainstorm on how to face determination to succeed.

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