Nigerian illegal migrants await deportation from Germany – Publisher cry out


By: Joy Odor/Kaduna

The Publisher of African Courier Magazine, Mr. Femi Awoniyi, has sounded the alarm that thousands of illegal immigrants, especially Nigerians and other African nationals, are currently on the waiting list for deportation from Germany.

Mr. Awoniyi who based in Germany but currently holidaying in Nigeria, has set up an NGO, a (non-governmental organization) ‘Immigration Enlightenment Project Nigeria (MEPN), with the slogan ‘Look Before You Leave’ and which is aimed at helping the governments of African countries in dissuading youths from migrating to Europe and America illegally.

Mr. Awoniyi in an interview with our reporter said. “Thousands of Nigerians and Africans have died in the Mediterranean or are in the limbo in the North Africa countries like Libya or America because of illegal migration.

The Publisher informed that this year alone, over 2,500 illegal immigrants are believed to have died in the Mediterranean alone because of their illegal migration journey.

According to him, this, they want to stop through campaign, saying thousands of Nigerians in Germany are awaiting deportation and that is bad for the image of Nigeria and Nigerians.

“Though, l am not against migration, but l advice that if any youth is interested in exploring the world, such a fellow must obtain necessary documents that would enable him or she enter the country of his choice as a legal migrant and enjoy all the good things that come with it.

“A great number of these irregular migrants are Nigerians. Any of these migrants left the country lured by the fake promise of people- smugglers who deceive their victims of paying, sometimes thousands of dollars for a passage to Europe”.

“Nigerians in the Diaspora is highly disturbed about this situation hence my decision to do something about it.

“This is why African and German Information Centre and the African Courier Verlag both based in Germany in collaboration with Germany’s Federal Ministry of External Affairs are launching the information campaign – Migration Enlightenment Project Nigeria,” he said

Mr. Awoniyi noted that the objective of the campaign is to raise public awareness to the dangers and risk of irregular migration to Europe, highlight the opportunities for legal migration to Europe as well as encourage youths to look at the positive sides to emigration that is abound in Nigeria



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