Nigerians ethically ready to do right things but dismembers,   …excommunicate by corrupt politicians – says CESVO Executive Director  



By: Joy Odor/Kaduna/10/08/2018

The National Executive Director, Centre for Ethics and Self Value Orientation (CESVO), Prince Yakubu Salih Musa has disclosed that Nigerians are ethically committed to do the right things but are neither dismembered, dislocated, excommunicated and above all relegated to the background by corrupt political office holders.

He made the disclosure while presenting a Gold Medal and Certificate of Credence to the Chairman, National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives (NANNM), Kaduna State Chapter, Comrade Bartholomew Adamu Sati in Kaduna, North-West, Nigeria on Thursday at NANNM Secretariat.

Prince Yakubu was of the opinion that the CESVO is passionately committed and resolute in their determination, that until and unless they get rid of criminals out of public sector economy, they will not rest in its quest.

According to him, the Center which is an International Non-Governmental Organization, ‘Exposing Corruption, Promoting Ethical Leadership, Education and Self Value Re-Orientation while put public criminals on their toes, is highly sophisticated organization and no matter how political and public office holders hid appropriated criminality and stealing public fund, CESVO will locate them.

“While we put public criminals on their toes, we are highly sophisticated organization. No matter how they hid appropriated criminality and stealing public fund, we will locate you.

“Nigerians have been push to the wall, we live in a Country; where how far you can steal, make you a celebrity in Nigeria context. Nigerians are ethically committed to do the right things but are neither dismembered, dislocated, excommunicated, and above all relegated to the background.

“We live in the country, where a former governor openly slumped and fainted in a court of law when he was being tried on money laundering, the same man collected the sum of N10 billion ecological funds meant to control ecological problem in Jigawa state, deviated it and the same man was elected by his kinsmen into the senate.

“We have discovered how members of the parliament have become the greatest enemies of Nigeria progress. Today, about 8 states in the country are paying about N270 billion to service their ex-governors in the name of ex-governor’s pension and 6 out of the 8 ex-governor are currently in the Senate.

“Majority of the State Assembly today constituted nuisance to governance in Nigeria and 68% of institutionalized corruption in our country today is perpetuated criminals in various House of Assembly and National Assembly.

“They go about intimidated Chief Executives Arm of Government to take care of their interest, any Commissioner or Minister that is deviant to their demand; they will punish them and review their budget downward as a means of punishment. Those who stand for justice in the quest to sanitize the system are either posted from one department to another department to a lost because they stand firm for justice of a truth.

“The small empress given to the departmental directors to run government offices is neither pocketed while staffs are left to do the do jobs without lubrication. Attempt to become deviants to such directors, you will be posted far and worst department while the empress that are meant to run day-to-day activities of government agencies department personally pocketed by morally bankrupt political and public office holders.

“This is what our lawmakers are engaged in different part of the country today. That is why governance is suffering a lot of setbacks in Nigeria. As l am talking to you today, we have individually and collectively as a group created a monster called corruption that have outgrow the Nigerian nation states. The good, the bad and the ugly are today great thief of corruption in Nigeria” Prince Yakubu stressed.

“Across the country, CESVO is totally positioned with their strength of over 1500 whistle blowers, we are positioned to exposed corruption and corrupt leaders without fear or favour and in doing so, they are taken into cognizance that there are Nigerians that are committee in their own little ways, hidden and unnoticed committed to ethnical leadership, stand firm for justice and peace of the country, and they look for such persons and bring them out the colliery of achievers and celebrated.

CESVO Executive Director however lamented that if the Association do not rise up as professionals even after their retirement from service, they should be aware that their indifference to politic, created a vacuum that have been previously occupied political vagabond and idiots.

According to him, the political vagabond have held Nigerians hostage to ransom and have made Nigeria economy a crawling economy instead of prosperous nation as our heroes past drainage this country today, pointing out that the vision of our heroes past that supposed to have been consolidated into the 21st century has become a dream in futility because corruption was responsible.

Prince Yakubu therefore called on the Association to stand up now and speak the truth, otherwise the children they are producing today have a future that is enlivened, a future that is linking until they destroyed and killed the corruption.

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