NISA Seminar: Childless a Silent Killer Disease Neglect by Policymakers, Says Prof Polite  



……As Women Stigmatize, Isolates Due to Socio-Cultural Norm

 By: Joy Odor/Kaduna

A University Don at the Ahmadu Bello University and Teaching Hospital, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Zaria, Professor Polite Iwedike Onwuhafua has lamented that the negative psycho-social, socio-cultural and economic consequences of childlessness are very much pronounced in Nigeria.

Professor Onwuhafua who is the Chairman at the Infertility and In Vitro Fertilization Seminar organized by the Founder, Nisa Gynae and fertility Centre, Dr.  Ibrahim Wada stated this in Kaduna, North-West, Nigeria in his keynote address decried that childless woman is often stigmatized, isolated, neglected and could suffer from domestic violence and polygamy whether successive or consecutive.

He wondered why in spite of all theses, infertile couples are still being significantly discriminated against by those that drive the Health For All Policies in the country when about 20-to-30% couples have infertility even as high as 40%.

The Professor of Obstetrics described infertility among couples as a common silent killer disease that has been left unperceived by Nigeria government, non-governmental organization and health practitioners but only Nisa Gynae and Fertility Centre, hence the need to closed the gap through In Vitro Fertilization-IVF science discovery.

“The theme of this seminar has everything to do with bearing children. Indeed it is the joy of most couples in Africa and beyond to bear children and fill the divine injunction of Go Ye into the World and Multiply but it is not that easy for some to relish in that joy for various reasons.

“NISA Gynae and Fertility Centre has assembled who is who in the science of reproduction medicine, experts in their own right to give us a panoramic view to say what the theme of reference today is, their many years of clinical, laboratory and research experiences.

“Please do not say that l told you that this colossus of a hospital that pioneered the IVF science in Nigeria started from a humbly beginning in a dilapidated 3 bedroom flat in a suburb of the FCT by the dint of hard work, tenacity, strength of will, never give up spirit. This individual, Dr.  Ibrahim Wada l that is amiable, unassuming, and dynamic, focused and with strength of character piloted this backyard clinic to her current enviable position in health care delivery in Nigeria, he said.

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