No Safe Heaven for Lake Chad Terrorists – Lt. Gen. Buratai   …as NASI graduates 55 Advance Waterman-ship  



By: Joy Odor/Kaduna

The Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lieutenant-General Tukur Yusuf Buratai has warned terrorists using Lake Chad as their hideout that it will no longer be a safe heave for them.

He gave the warning at the graduation of 55 students of Advance Waterman-ship Course 05/2018 of Nigerian Army School of Infantry (NASI) drawn from different formations and units of the Nigerian Army with the welcoming of the Chief of South African Army (CSAA) Lieutenant-General Lindile Yam which took place at Kaigo Dam, Jaji Military Cantonment, Kaduna, North-West, Nigeria on Tuesday 4th of September, 2018.

Lieutenant-General Buratai affirmed that the training of the Nigerian Army presently is in addition to other elements designed to enable the Army to attain the required combat efficiency, adding that it is also the key desire for the army to develop a patent and effective special forces, hence having known the terrain in the north-east where lies the Lake Chad waters.

He was of the opinion that a positive development through all adults, practice and realistic training across all spectrum of warfare must be carried out, adding that a professional army should be capable of operating under all conditions across all terrain day and night.

According to him, with the demonstration of the waterman-ship troops, the Nigerian Army is capable to deal decisively with Boko Haram in Lake Chad, saying they are definitely preparing them along with the forthcoming special amphibious brigade to be deployed and dominate Lake Chad waters.

“A short while ago, we witness a simulation attack an enemy camp by troops who were delivered by air, followed by execration of ready force through a water body using make shift raft and indeed swimming across. “The simulation highlights typically how the Nigerian Army conducts some of its operations.

“A professional Army should be capable of operating under all conditions across all terrain by day or night. The nature of modern day warfare required that an Army must developed multi capabilities to address all challenges. Thus, my vision for the Nigerian army it is to have a professionally responsive Nigerian Army in the discharge of its constitutional role, utterly captures the desire to boost developed and trains the required capabilities through effective training.

“There is no gain saying that the focused on effective training adopted within the last 3 years has been as the heart of our successes. It is patent to say that lessons learn from our counter terrorism and counter insurgency operations has to a large extent guided our training and our operational planning.

“You will agree with me that what you have witness today is a clear demonstration of the Nigerian Army’s capability to deal decisively of the boko hara terrorist that are still locking up in the Lake Chad waters. This l sure you that with the level of motivation that l have seen this afternoon , from theses gallant troop, the Lake Chad will no longer be a safe heave for the criminal.

“To the graduating student of the Advance Waterman-ship course, let me congratulate you for successfully competing this tough program. It was my directive that for you to be certified, you must undertake this finial exercise evolving swimming over a life expanse of water.

“You have demonstrated that you have what it takes to become members of the elite’s Special Forces. I say congratulations. We are definitely preparing you to go launched to go along with the forthcoming special amphibious brigade to be deployed and dominate Lake Chad waters Lt. Gen. Buratai noted.

In his remark, the Chief of South African Army (CSAA) Lieutenant-General Lindile Yam observed that the experience and resolve of the leadership of the Nigerian Army have bear positive fruit and confirmed the solidity that has been sealed today of this relationship and urged all those who are the leaders and all the troops to understand this kind of leadership and follow on the footsteps.

Meanwhile, earlier in his welcome address, the Commandant, Nigeria Army School of Infantry Corps, Brigadier-General Danjuma Hamisu Ali-Keffi said the 55 troops comprises, Infantry corps 45, Amour corps 6, Artillery corps 1, Engineer corps 1 Signal corps 1 and Band crop 1.He said the course curriculum is regularly reviewed to lead the changing nature of warfare and to bring realism into the training and additionally, he said, the lesson on conduct of human rights and personal conduct were also taught during the time of the training.

“This is in line with the Chief of Army Staff directions that all training institutions must have in their curriculum the aspect of International humanitarian Law and Human Rights Observations.

“The water-man-ship training wind was established in 2013 by the Lt. Gen. Buratai when he was Commandants of the School and has since approved the construction of water-man-ship training wind and swimming pool as work is ongoing.

“It is expected that every soldier on course in Infantry will go through the water-man-ship package to remove water phobia and get them ready for deployment for water line operations. The 55 students have met the minimum requirement for award of certificate respectively” he stressed.

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