Nomadic graduates, medical doctors and professor says ….. Generates empirical based data in 6 States





By: Joy Odor/Kaduna

A study report conducted by the National Commission for Nomadic Education (NCNE) under the 2015 University Basic Education Commission (UBEC) intervention project in 6 states in the North has indicated that 204 nomadic schools visited in Jigawa State, a total number of 2664 graduates were discovered.

In Kebbi State, 81 schools were visited and had 965 graduates, Katsina State had 75 nomadic schools with 1079 graduates, Zamfara State 34 nomadic schools with 568 graduates also, Kano State had 118 nomadic schools with 3766 graduates discovered while Sokoto State had 44 schools with 415 graduates recorded.

According to the Executive Secretary of the Kaduna State Commission for Nomadic Education, Professor Bashir Haruna Usman who made the report available to newsmen in Kaduna Friday said the Tracer study was conducted between December 2016 to May 2017 by the Commission.

He pointed out that the overall goal of the studies was to generate empirical and reliable and evidence based data of graduates from nomadic schools in the Country for the purpose of planning which was simultaneously carryout by trained enumerators and research officers accompanied by the management members of the commission and resources persons.

Professor Usman was of the opinion that some of the graduates from the study has aspired up to higher level of education and are serving as medical doctors, professor, army officers and other security agencies while others have acquired NCE and Diploma and are into teaching.

“The report had revealed several information on the graduates from nomadic schools in the 6 states, some of the graduates had aspired up to high level of education. Some of these graduates are today serving as medical doctors, army officers and other security agencies, while others have acquired qualification such as NCE, Diploma and are into teaching. The study also revealed that many of the graduates had excelled in his academic pursuit and has attained the level of a Doctors and Professor in their career” he stressed.

“The first phase of the research has provided useful insight on the implementation of the Nomadic Education Programme and thus added impetus for further research in other zones across the country. This will no doubt give the Commission a comprehensive evidence based data on the nomadic school graduates, prospect of the programme as well as serve as a guide for the operation of Nomadic Education Programme in the Country” He ended.

The Executive Secretary however informed that the data collected is being collated for coding and analysis.


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