Odekpe Kingship Tussle: Bishop Isizoh sues for Peace



Sequel to kingship tussle threatening the peace in Odekpe, Olunbanasa, that led to destruction of lives and property in recent time, the auxiliary Bishop of Onitsha Most Rev. Denis Isizoh appealed to the Community members to sheath their swords and allow peace to reign.

Bishop Isizoh made the passionate appeal while delivering his Homily, during a pastoral visit to St. Vincent De Paul Parish, Odekpe, Olunbanasa.

According to him, fighting cannot proffer solution to any kind of problem, rather it will escalate the issue and worsen the situation.

He warned those formenting trouble in Odekpe to desist from it or face the wrought of God.

His words: “From today, show you are a good Christian by being truthful, honest, humble, having a forgiving spirit and loving one another.

“Let there be peace in this land. Don’t destroy property and lives any longer. Say no to fighting your brothers and sisters.”

The Bishop enjoined the Community members to employ dialogue and resolve the kingship tussle tearing the Community apart.

The Prelate further called on the faithful to redouble their prayers, do penance and give alms in this period of lent.

Penance he explained must not be fasting from food but what ever gives us joy when avoided, can serve as penance.

Bishop Isizoh also made it clear that alms giving must not be material things or money, stressing that visits to the sick and assistance to people in difficulty are alms giving.

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