Reform Inmates: Donates Cow As a Pledge to God for Gaining Freedom



By Sunny David/Awka

Some released inmates from Awka Prisons have offered a Cow as a fulfillment pledge to God if gained freedom while in detention.

Giving the cow during a thanksgiving Mass at Saint Mark’s Catholic Church Abagana, Anambra State over their freedom, the ex-reformed inmates narrated that they landed in prison in dispute with a neighbouring Ukpo Village.

Narrating further, the Spokesman of the Inmates, Mr. Charles Nwazojie recalled that they were arrested one day from their various homes and taken to Awka Prisons over what they knew little about but because some people from their neighbouring community who felt they had money, wanted to make them an scapegoats.

He said after spending more than a year in detention during which two people died, they were asked to sign letters of undertaking so they would be released.

Mr. Nwazojie, popularly known as ‘Summer’ said he and some others from Abagana refused to sign a development he said that had resulted in their case still being in court.

He however expressed gratitude to God for seeing them through, noting that they decided to fulfill their pledge of thanksgiving to God with a cow.

Earlier in his homily, a visiting Priest from Saint Michael’s Parish, Urualla, stressed the need for lay faithful to be ready at all times by living good lives, saying, each day would be their last.

According to him, life lived in sin is meaningless and inadequate as it distanced one from God while charging Christians to tell the truth always regardless of the consequences.

The Priest, who described Nigeria as a bleeding country owing to the killings across the land, blamed the leaders who shied away from the truth for fear of losing positions and urged the faithful to speak out in defence of their faith.

The Parish Priest of the Saint Mark’s Catholic Church Abagana and also Vicar-General, Reverend Father Aloysius Amamchukwu advised the ex-reformed inmates not to go back to their old way but only stay true to their daily lives.

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