Sanwo-Olu submits nomination form to re-contest for a second term


By Joy Odor

The Lagos State Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, submitted his nomination form to re-contest for a second term on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Addressing newsmen shortly after the submission of the N50 million APC’s governorship expression of interest and nomination forms at the International Conference Centre in Abuja, the Lagos state Governor, said his administration repositioned the state from what it used to be under the previous administration.

He said the state now receives the highest foreign direct investments compare to the previous three to four years due to the present safe and secure environment.

Governor, Sanwo-Olu who was optimistic of winning the re-election as a result of his impeccable performance in office also use the occasion to restate his call for power shift to the southern part of the country.

“In terms of confidence, first is to thank Almighty God even for sparing our lives. We give everything to God. So, the first is for us to pray and to hope that we will see and live till next year.

“If almighty just spares our lives to that time that is the first thing. The second thing is now to ask ourselves what are the qualities of leadership that can compel you to what you are aspiring for.

“We have done almost three years in the office and it’s been 3 years of monumental changes that we have in the state and by the way we still have another year year to complete that first four years tenure. So, our confidence is premised on the fact that we’ve received tremendous support from the citizens of Lagos and we have been opportuned to put in place a robust economy agenda that has propelled all of the various interventions we have in Lagos.

“In fact, if I start rolling them here we will be here till tomorrow but in all phases of life, we have touched our citizens; in transportation, in education, in health, in housing, in good governance, in provision of basic amenities but more importantly, in security for our people.

“You know what we have a nation but Lagos continue to remain in our view the safest city. And we have grown the city from what it used to be three to four years ago before we took over. Now it receive the highest foreign direct investments because the environment is safe and secured. We have provided the platform for the organised private sector to thrive.

“Mind you, Lagos also during this period was the epicenter for Covid-19 for about a year and a half we were slowed down but did not slow down economy. It gives us the opportunity to redoule our efforts in all the areas that we have talked about. In fact Covid-19 propelled us to even have better health facilities as we speak today. It is point people have seen our sincerity and real dividends of democracy in all facets of life. We are appreciative of these three years but they have given us the confidence for us to seek second term.

That’s unfair for you to say we did not arrive at a consensus. You should have asked what was the objective? Did we achieve the objective of that meeting? The answer is yes. We needed to have ourselves in the room, lock up ourselves and have frank conversation which was exactly what we did. Are we going to have further conversation with the leadership? Yes, I believe so. So we are not fade up, we were sincere with ourselves and we hope that in future engagement all the aspirations we have in our region will come to pass” he stressed.

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