Sardaunan Badarawa renews commitment to develop Kaduna Central Zone



By Amos Mathew Kaduna

Former Interim Chairman of Kaduna North Local Government, Hon. Usman Ibrahim popularly known as Sardaunan Badarawa has renewed commitment to continue developing Kaduna Central Zone through provision of social infrastructure, education and welfare of downtrodden in the society.

Hon. Ibrahim in a radio interview monitored by our correspondent in Kaduna opened up on his mission, vision and future ambition ahead 2023 general election, saying he would respond to barrage of calls from across seven Local Government Areas of Kaduna Central Zone urging him to present himself for election as Senator of the Zone.

While fielding questions on various human development projects carried out through Sardaunan Badarawa Foundation, Hon. Ibrahim said all the 3000 units of solar powered streetlights provided across seven Local Government in Zone II were still in service for the people they were meant for, revealing that diversities and pluralities in the zone were taken care of by making sure all political, ethnic and religious affiliations benefitted from his foundation.

Mr Ibrahim who also holds the traditional title of Santurakin Hausa paid glowing tributes to President Buhari and Governor elRufai, describing the two leaders as men of great vision and passion to develop their people, urging Nigerians to eschew bitterness, animosity, hatred towards their leaders, admonishing them to instead pray for their success, which according to him would go a long way in placing them on the right path in service to country.

While speaking on the current Senator of Kaduna Central, the philanthropist hailed various human development projects of Uba Sani, declaring that he had surpassed his predecessors in terms of attracting federal and international presence to his constituency, crediting the seamless and good working relationship between the Senator and Governor elRufai for the success recorded in urban renewal initiative and other developmental projects of the state government.

Mr Ibrahim who was the first runner-up in 2019 APC Zone II primaries won by Senator Uba Sani, hinted that 2023 would be a watershed in political history of Nigeria, challenging his party to field credible candidates with tested integrity and good track records in service to people and country for all elective positions in order to remain relevant at the centre and state level.

He pointed out that detribalized personalities with commendable antecedents in service to their people should be allowed to chart direction for the ruling APC at national and state level, insisting that credible candidates would be the cornerstones of the progressives ahead 2023, considering challenges associated with governance in modern era.

“I have been dispensing through my foundation several human development and community based projects in my capacity as a private citizen whose passion is to see that the masses particularly, the less privileged have excelled in critical areas of the society.

“During the last Ramadan season, I ensured that Muslims, the less privileged of course across the seven Local Government Areas that make up Kaduna Central Zone had constant and uninterrupted flow of raw and prepared meals to enable them observe the season comfortably.

“I didn’t stop with the Muslims only, I extended the alms gestures to non-muslims in the society because genuine philanthropism is beyond tribal, Political and religious consideration.

“A philanthropist worth his salt must explore beyond ethnic and religious walls to provide services to humanity irrespective of their location and belief.

“My Political philosophy has been to let beneficiaries of my kind gestures speak for me, advocate and clamour for next appropriate step to take in order to widen our horizon and leverage to do more for people.

“The calls from different quarters have been in one direction that I should stand election for Kaduna Central Senatorial Zone so I will consolidate on achievements made so far and record more for my constituents.

“We will put interests, welfare and well-being of the masses first, and above all utilize limited but available resources for the common good and development of the people which I strongly believe will cushion the effects of global economic meltdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic that has slowed the growth of businesses in the world, including Nigeria.

“These and many more I strongly believe are achievable with Allah’s direction, sincerity of purpose and supports from people,” he vowed.

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