Southern Kaduna Elites, Elders Tuwocrats says Catholic Clergy Joy Odor/Kaduna


Joy Odor/Kaduna

A Catholic Clergy, Reverend Father Williams Abba has described the Southern Kaduna elites and elders as leaders of tuwocrats.

He disclosed this in his speech during his homily at the thanksgiving Mass in honor of Mr. Luka Biniyat who was incarcerated and jailed for 96 days tagged Loving God and Neighbous: “Panacea for Peace and Progress in Southern Kaduna” at Saint Thomas Catholic Church, Zaman Dabo.

Reverend Father Abba informed that the Southern Kaduna elders were willing to compromises their consciences for a pot of soup, willing to sacrifice the birth right of Southern for their own political ambition and their own private agendas.

According to him, Southern Kaduna people will no longer tolerate irresponsible elites and elders who pretend to be with them but stab them behind.

The Religious Leader emphasized that the people have no problem when the elders choose to eat their tuwo but should not be at the expense of the Southern Kaduna, saying the people have only one agenda which is the common good and progress of every Nenzite.

He described Southern Kaduna as New Israel and its people, unconquerable, not timid nor cowards.

Reverend Father Abba pointed out that the Southern Kaduna’s do not have guns and bombs but they have God who is their shield and their defended, saying when you play with Southern Kaduna, you are playing with fire.

He commended Mr. Luka for his principled stand while he was being tired as it was not easy to give up and do the bidding of the powers that be to obtained his freedom but chose to remain in prison to suffer. 

“We are not unaware of pressures coming your way from many quarters, asking you to apologize and get reprieve from the government but you resisted this temptation.

“You saw through this booby trap and failed to fall in it and remained dogged and resilient. This Southern Kaduna resilience is what we have gathered to celebrate and we remain eternally grateful to you for carrying our crosses and to fight to the end”.

“Stringent bail conditions were imposed by the late Justices Bashir Sukola and every attempt was made to get you out within the shortest time possible but the power that be, those who thought they hold the key to life and death made sure you remained behind bars”.

The Catholic Clergy mentioned that the way out for the Southern Kaduna to be politically conscious and involved, adding that the day of lethargy are far gone.

He stressed that the people are suffering now because of the lackadaisical attitude of some and called on every grown up of Southern Kaduna extraction to obtain their voters card and if they refuse to vote, they have automatically become the Judas Iscariot of Southern Kaduna.

Reverend Father Abba continue to lament that whatever it takes for them to get their voters card and get to the polling unit, they must do it now as they have no time.

“Being politically involved also means that we are up to speed with events happening around us. The typical Hausa Fulani even if he has nothing, must have a transistor radio to listen to BBC Hausa to abreast with events around”.

“We still see politics as a dirty game, if it is dirty, let’s get in and inject some sanity into it otherwise we will remain perpetually under the domination of these other people who do not separate political from religion”. Vote out any arrogant leader who assumes he is God and plays the ostrich”.

“We must end our timidity and assumed our rightful place in the affairs of the state and nation. With all our numbers of profession and technocrats our soil has churned out, we cannot continue to play the second fiddle to feudal lords” he ended.


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