Ulama Condemns Impose New Dress Code On FCT Lawyers Against Hijab


By: Joy Odor/Kaduna

The National Council of Ulama of Nigeria (NCUN) has condemned in total terms the new dress code imposed on lawyer of the Federal Capital Territory High Court which has banned women from wearing Hijab or any apparent underneath on wigs.

The  National Secretary of the Council, Professor Muhammad Sadiq Abubakar who made this know to newsmen in Kaduna while addressing a press conference cautioned that the imposition is in direct conflict with the constitutional provision which guarantee religion and mode of dressing.

According to him, if the constitution guarantees that this is the way the female lawyers will dress no individual or institution can tempter with that provision.

On the security in Nigeria, the Council Secretary said in view of the fact that an ideological war is never conquered by force alone however advised that other strategies such as blocking the sources of supply of Boko Haram, embarking on negotiation and ideological counseling should be employed.

Professor Abubakar commended the doggedness and the gallantry with which the combined forces are tackling the Boko Haram and called on Nigerians to intensify prayers for the extermination of the heretics.

Commenting on herdsmen and farmers crisis, Professor Abubakar was of the opinion that the best solution to the persistent crisis in the country is the introduction of ranch system instead of the present system where herdsmen move their livestock around.

he mentioned Nigeria should learn from countries like Canada, Argentina where livestock farming is very high but the animals are kept in Ranches.

He added that Canada alone supplies the largest milk to the world market yet their herds are not found roaming about on people’s farmlands, saying the conflicts between the farmers and herdsmen dated back to 5,000 years ago therefore people should not attach tribal, religious or political sentiment to it.

They also called on the Federal Government to secure farms for the farmers by driven away terrorist so that the farmers can participate in this year’s farming season.

“The Federal Governor should equally facilitate through the Central Bank, the disbursement of soft loans to all categories of farmers.

“This is the safest of avoiding food importation and a great economy booster. It should be noted that no matter how good a policy can be, it is of no use without implementation.

“There is this tendency that so many good things come as policies and in terms of implementation; Government is not keen as seeing the implementation at the lowest level.

“We are calling it to be watchful not only to design policies but have to follow it and see it down the ladder how to implement them because that is the important thing to do.

“Nigerians are now at the threshold of 2018 farming season and urged the Federal Government to ensure the immediate supple of fertilizer and other farming implements at subsidized rates.

While on the fight against corruption, the National Secretary informed that the on-going fight is hectic, tortuous and tormenting yet worthwhile, saying the success being recorded is impressive, rewarding and encouraging.

He urged the EFCC and ICPC should rededicate themselves for better result and to rid themselves of dead woods as it will engender more support and will promote more understanding if the public is kept posted over the recovered being made and the utilization focus.

“There has been public outcry that a lot of money has been discovered and recovered from the looters but nobody knows how much at this moment and nobody known the areas of disbursement, what the money are been utilized for so the public want to know what the looted money is being used for.

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