Under-Development Breeds Corruption, Nepotism, Banditry, Others -Says A Veteran Journalists


By: Joy Odor/Kaduna

A Veteran Journalists and NTA Presenter, Chief Kierian Umeayo has affirmed that in a developing nation such as Nigeria, there is apparent under-development in almost all sectors of the national life, such as corruption, banditry, kidnapping, robbery, poverty, unemployment, nepotism, herdsmen/farmers clashes.

Others, he said, include communal clashes, ethnicity, political innuendo and religious intolerance insecurity is inevitable, saying it is the insecurity that prompted the negative use of the modern media.

Chief Kierian Umeayo made the affirmation in his paper presentation titled: “The Major Criticism Leveled Against the Nigerian Media, Include Irresponsible, Reckless and Sensational Nature of Reports, Plus Hate and Abusive Words Used by Nigerians on New Age Media” at the Three-Day 8th Regional Conference of Catholic Media Practitioners of Nigeria, Saint Theresa’s Catholic Church, Madalla, Minna, Niger State.

According to him, in the past ten years, social media emerged in Nigeria as a growing threat to national security while internet and social media are constantly growing, changing and are negatively affecting national security.

The Veteran Journalists informed that it has become a tradition for Nigeria Politicians to use social media as platform to attack each other, adding that such can be considered as huge threat to the country considering level of exchange of hate words and speeches especially among the youths who represent the future generation of Nigeria.

Chief Kierian Umeayo reminded Nigerians that part of the reason for the civil war was not just political agitation but propaganda, hate speech and foul languages communicated through the media, stressing that with the level of technology now attained globally, misuse of these platforms should be checked and subdued. 

He advised the Nigerian youths to be conscious of their involvement in the use of modern media in such a way that will jeopardize the security of the nation because any negative posting on the internet platform can triggered wanton destruction of social economic and political fabrics of Nigeria. 

The Veteran Journalists urged the security experts and policymakers to brace up the challenges of the new media which are expanding by the day and providing platforms for both professionals and non-professionals to air their views and opinions on delicate national issues thereby stimulating tensions at different quarters.

Also in her paper presentation titled: “Citizens Journalism and Its Challenges to National Security” by Sister Theresa Tanko of Society of the Holy Child Jesus Congregation urged Nigerians Journalist to be more committed, apt and daunting in their journalistic profession to dig deep, be objective, accurate and forthright in their reporting of current issues to the citizens.

According to her, doing this, would make them outdo citizen journalism, as this measure will shifts focus to professional journalism and lower the interest that citizen journalists garner from the members of the public.

Sister Theresa Tanko also enjoined government at all levels to promulgate laws that will compel citizen journalists to submit to the scrutiny of professional journalists who will liaise with the National Copyright Commission and National Broadcasting Commission to ensure no content poses a threat to national security.

She also told Nigerian government to have policies in place that serve as regulatory measures on only those activities by citizen journalists that are threats to privacy and national security.

Sister Theresa Tanko also called on the Catholic Media Practitioners of Nigeria to contribute to ensuring the security of Nigerian state by forming a network of citizen journalists and assigning mentors who would devote time to routine check on them to ensure they do the right thing.

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