Upgrades of PHCs:  Social Auditor Set to Break Corruption in Health Sector



By: Joy Odor/Kaduna

To ensure that the circle of corruption is broken within the Health Sector, especially awarded projects of the renovations of 255 Primary Health Care (PHCs) at the Ward level of the Local Government Areas of Kaduna State, a concerned citizen team of Social Auditor has visited some PHC to review Bill of Quantity documents to determine if public expenditure and services delivery outcomes reflect the public money.

Speaking to reportcircle shortly after 3 facility tour on Saturday, 12th of January, 2018 Kaduna, North-West, Nigeria which include PHC Tudun Nupawa, PHC Kinkino and PHC Television, the Team Leader of the Social Auditors, Mr. Faleye Usman Adedolapo disclosed that there are a high level of discrepancies in the constructions of some PHCs in the state, as the team is geared towards exposing the poor practice.


Mr. Adedolapo who is also the Development Strategists and Program Manager of Aid Foundation explained that the toured project is being facilitated through the support of collective movement to end corruption, and change the mindset of citizens towards fighting corruption.

He mentioned that the project is supported by the Strengthening Citizens Resistance Against Prevalence of Corruption (SCRAP-C) project and implemented by Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD), however the project is interested in reducing and eradicating poverty within the State basic communities through Social Audit.

The Social Audit Expert noted that the team would validate the compliance of the Bill of Quantities by contractors, moreso, the need to identify problematic such as no visible project sign board to see what is going on, the duration of the project and to ensure it goes speedily fine as people are suffering in the delay renovation process, specially, women and children.

“We visited Television PHC because we have several engagements with the PHC as the problematic one we have visited so far. We vividly see a high level of discrepancies.  l would not call it corruption yet because the contractor seem not to be following the Bill of Quantity in term of the implementation as alleged by the community members.

“Coming in here in Kinkino Primary Health Care (PHC) which we have reported around a month’s ago, to say that the construction has not started at all around 1st quarter of 2018.   But today, we see that the contractor have started the job and he is actually doing a wonderful work.

“PHC Tudun Nupawa is a quite saddened stock because PHC is nowhere to be found. The one we see is a small cubicle donated for a period of time by a philanthropist in that community. So it means the contractor do not have PHC to renovate.

“We will go back to analyzing the Bill of Quantity of what is actually on ground which is we did not get to see the ongoing project sign board on the ground to see what is going on, the duration of the project and to ensure it goes speedily fine because people are suffering in the delay in the renovation process.

“So our investigation is to find out if the State Government has disbursed the money meant for the renovations He pointed out.

Mr. Adedolapo promised to ensure that Social Audit amplify its report findings to the necessary quarters to ensure that it expose the corruption in the Health Care System and try to bring the quality of Health Care Service Delivery to Television PHC and likes of other targeted communities within Kaduna South and North.


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