We’ll not accept condition of withholding our clearance fund for 3 month – Palestine tells Israel


By Joy Odor

The Palestine on Thursday vowed t not to accept condition of Israeli refusing to transfer their clearance fund for the third month in a row, which has deeply affected Palestine ability to pay the monthly salaries and government daily running cost. their money being held up for three months.

Palestinian Ambassador to Nigeria, Abdullah Abu Shawesh who gave the charge in his speech during a press conference with journalists in Abuja also resolved not to give up in their fight against massacre by Israeli to Palestinian in Gaza Strip until other power countries backing Israeli call for Israeli ceasefire.

He maintained that Palestine would continue to remain committed to the prisoners, martyrs and to their people in the Gaza Strip, not out of favor but by virtue of their national, religious and moral responsibility.

Shawesh pointed out that the refusing of Israeli to transfer their clearance fund for the third month has set back all macro-economic measurements and micro-economics activities, pushing more Palestinian families below the poverty line and causing the unemployment rate to skyrocket.

Palestinian Ambassador to Nigeria informed that this is the 125 day of the Israel genocide, massacre, revenge war in Gaza Strip and their priorities are to stop Israeli brutal military aggression and securing the delivery of appropriate humanitarian aid to the Gazans.

He therefore hammered that ‘There will not be a State in Gaza, and there will not be a State Without Gaza’ according to Palestinian Prime Minister Dr Mohamed Shetiah.

Palestinian Amb mentioned that USA and other countries are discussing the aftermath of the war and Israeli has taken a form stance refusing the Palestinian Authority (PNA) to rule Gaza.

He explained that PNA in the Gaza Strip has 50,000 employees, including security personal who stopped working, doctors, teachers and other State employees in the administration.

“In this particular issue, l would like to stress that Gaza is an essential part of the occupied Palestinian territories, and we never left the Gaza Strip. We are responsible for managing various aspects of daily life in the Gaza Strip, such as water and electricity, 35% of the government budget is allocated to the Gaza Strip, even though there are no revenues from it.

“On the 125th day of the massacre, genocide, revenue, war, Israeli military aggression or any other name, but not Hama’s Israeli war, unless you want to follow Western-Israeli propaganda, have accepted the brainwashing process and/or are fully complicit, the number coming from Occupied Palestinian Territories are totally horrific as followed:-

“On Gaza Strip, 27.487 are officially registered as martyrs with more than 66,835 sounded and 8,000 still missing under the rubble. 7,000 if the sounded are in desperate need of intensive medical treatment outside the Gaza Strip. More than 1,650,00 people have been displaced in Rafah, which means that the area is now home to majority of Gaza’s population, making it the densest place in the world.

“Two State solution is an essential part of the birth certificate of the Siamese twins called the State of Palestine and the State of Israel as outlined in the 181 UNGA Resolution November 29, 1947. Theorizing about the two State solution is not just about spouting empty words without practical steps or embody the State of Palestine on the ground.

“The two State solution means dismantling all the illegal Israeli settlement in the Occupied West Bank, including Occupied East Jerusalem” he said.

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