We’ll resist This Tyranny, Lets rally round Atiku and get Nigeria working Dr Sani Adamu


By: Mike/Kaduna

The Chairman of Deservation.org / Project 774 For Atiku 2019 , Dr. Sani Adamu has charged  youths all over the country irrespective of their political or ethnic beliefs to take back their country and get it working again.

He said this call became imperative in view of the looming hunger, anger and dictatorship we are witnessing today.

He said that over 15 million Nigerians have become unemployed since 2015 and more people have been murdered or killed since Buhari took over.

Dr. Adamu was speaking on the last day of his two days enlightenment visit to Kaduna.

Speaking to journalist yesterday night before leaving for Abuja, Dr. Sani said getting Nigeria to work again is a must and a reality

.He further stressed that   Abubakar Atiku has already perfected and mapped out ways to reintegrate the youths back into the system by getting them back to work and gainful employment.

“I am a youth and today I am working with His Excellency Abubakar Atiku, similarly, if you go to all the firms Atiku owns, you would see this they are staffed by the youths “.

Atiku means well for the youths and other Nigerians. Under Atiku, there won’t be any form or ethnic or religious bigotry”. Dr Sani Adamu further stressed

When asked about the searching of Abubakar Atiku’ s private jet by security operatives, Chairman of Deservation.org fumed and asked ‘what is Buhari looking for in Atiku ‘s plane , is the missing WAEC certificate or the N200, billion Nair swallowed by a snake  ?”

“Imagine, the security operatives broke the padlocks of the suitcases in the plane instead of asking for the for keys”

He added the “1983” Buhari is back and we’ll show him the way out come 2019”.

Finally, he warned that if Buhari repeats such a costly mistake, he will feel the wrath of over 1 million Nigerians on the streets.


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