World Interfaith Week: Pastor Buru Distributes Prayer Materials to Mosques


By: Joy Odor/Kaduna

To commemorate the World International Interfaith Week and Harmony, a Christian Cleric, Pastor Yohanna Buru has donated prayer materials to Mosques to promote religious tolerance and strengthen peaceful coexistence among adherents of the different religion.

Pastor Buru who is the General Overseer of Christ Evangelical Intercessory Fellowship Ministry said their visitation and donations was aimed at boosting cordial relationship and encouraging religious tolerance between the two major religions in the country.

He said their target is to visit 30 Mosques, believing that their action would make other followers learn how to live peacefully with one another and shun all forms of ethno-religious, political, socio-economic and communal crisis.

“We are targeting 20 mosques today to extend the hands of fellowship and friendship through our donation of praying materials and to interact with other top Islamic scholars on ways to strengthen peace and inter-faith- harmony. We are also using this platform to spread the message of forgiveness, love, tolerance, and understanding.

“Just yesterday, a Muslim woman came to the church and donates some utensil which can be used for cleaning the environment of the church premises, and last year, the same women donate dozens of plastics chairs to his church.

“This is part of the effort of strengthening inter- and intra-religious relationship and various strategies that is aim at preventing, countering violent extremism and promoting conflict prevention, peace building, reconciliation and conflict transformation, which is part of the event of the ceremony world-wide” he lamented.

According to him, the church cannot forget the donation of 50 copies of Bible it received from a group of Muslim women in February 2016 during the international Inter-faith week; saying, this is geared towards promoting religious tolerance.

Pastor Buru however hampered that the division of Kaduna state as a result of religious and political crisis is a total setback to peace and stability in the country, saying if this is not tackled now, it would surely cause a great damage to the future of the country” he lamented.

“The Muslims are our brothers and neighbors not enemies; we must join hands together to live in peace, and harmony because we all have Holy books (Qur’an and Bible) that teach us love and peace” he said.

Contributing, Reverend Titus Ishiyaku and Evangelist Abraham called for unity between Muslims and Christian while emphasizing the need for religious scholars to redouble effort in teaching their followers the importance of dialogue, forgiveness and tolerance as key to ending communal and religious crisis.

Receiving the gift items at one of the mosque of destitute in Kano road Kaduna, Mallam Musa Abdullahi expressed satisfaction over the donation and appealed to other clerics to be visiting them.

While the Chairman of Nigerian Union of Journalist, Kaduna Council, Alhaji Adamu Yusuf on behalf of the NUJ mosque said with attitudes of this nature, peace has come to stay in Nigeria and called on both Muslims and Christian clerics to always pray for the nation.


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