World Water Day: Human Activities is Greatest Challenges to Water in 21st Century–Commissioner


By: Joy Odor/Kaduna

The Commissioner, Kaduna State Ministry of Water Recourse, Dr. Ibrahim Hamza has ascertained that water challenges faced in this twenty-first century deal directly with human activities which damages not just the water quality but making the cost of treating of water high.

The Commissioner made the observation to newsmen in his speech to commemorate the 2018 World Water Day shortly after the road work and sensitization in Kaduna and environ in collaboration with all the various water stakeholders in Kaduna.

Dr. Ibrahim Hamza said the 2018 world water day provided a good opportunity in discovering nature-based solution to the water challenges, all in the quest for sustainable development goal-SDGs.

According to him, it is about taking care of the damaged eco-systems which affect the quantity and quality of water available for human consumption.

Dr. Hamza informed that the occasion is also aimed that the water that has been polluted by human activities flows back to nature without being treated or re-used.

“The year 2018 provides a good opportunity in exploring nature-based solutions to the water challenges we faced in the 21st century all in the quest for sustainable development goals (SDG’s Goal 6).

“It is about taking  care of the damaged eco-systems which the quality and quality of water available for human consumption” he said.

He was of the opinion that polluted water loses valuable nutrients and other recoverable materials while it even cost much to treat the water to make it wholesome for human consumption.

The Commissioner stressed that working with nature improves the management of water resources; helps achieve water security for all and support the core aspects of sustainable development.

Dr. Hamza mentioned that the 2018 Theme: “Nature for Water” prescribed by the United Nation could have not come at a better time when the turbidity of water abstracted from Kaduna for treatment has moved to over 2000 NTU, making treatment very critical challenge.


According to him, this required spending much money to treat water while the Kangimi Dam is silting which the State government has taken measures of re positioning the water sector for efficiency and effective service delivery.

The Commissioner appealed to the people to support the effort of the State government by paying water bills as at when due, safe guiding water projects in their areas and also report any vandalization, leakage or broken pipe to the nearest service unity.

“Kaduna State Government headed by Mallam Nasir, El-Rufai has recognized the effort of theses on water treatment and agriculture in improving the well-being and livelihood of the citizenry.

“A major step was taken in terms of re positioning the water sector for efficiency and effective service delivery. This was achieved through the Revised Water and Sanitation Policy 2016 and the enactment of a new composite Law.

“The Law establishes clear responsibility of Urban Water Supply to Kaduna State Water Corporation orientation for Sustainability while Kaduna State Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (RUWASSA) has been mandate of providing small town and rural areas with water and sanitation” he stressed.


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