Haj. Amina Namadi Sambo: I am inspired to stem the tide of social challenges in women, youth and children


By: Joy Odor/Kaduna

The Wife of the former, Vice-President, Hajiya Amina Muhammaerd Namadi Sambo has assured Nigerians of her commitment to continue to advocate for and influence more gender inclusive and development polices responsive to women, children and youth development.

Hajiya Amina Namadi Sambo who is the Founder and Chairperson of a Non-Governmental Organization “I-Care Women and Youth Initiative” gave the assurance in her address at the occasion of the Ten Years Anniversary of the Organization held in Kaduna yesterday.

“An occasion that marks ten years of a phenomenon that start with just a mere empathy for humanity, which provoked a thought of giving to help those lacking, a dream that was turned into reality, an urge that propelled action, a journey that is full of resilience, patience, commitment and determination and an outcome that is full of satisfaction”.

“It is a life changing experience, which has taken me to nook and crannies of not only Kaduna and out country Nigeria but also across the world in search of solution”.

“So, I-Care Women and Youth Initiative came into being in 2007. As a passion to uplifting the living conditions of people, my horizon was widened when l went round and saw the magnitude of the challenge”.

She also promised to sensitized relevant stakeholders on the key maternal, new born and infant health care issues, facilitate vocation and entrepreneurship skills and opportunities for women and youth including the physically or social- economically disadvantage.

Other activities, said the former Vice-President Wife, include mobilize and contribute to increased participation of women and youth in decision making process, engage religious and traditional institutions in promoting value re-orientation, reduced stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV and AIDS, cultural and structural biases against women and youth as components of moral rejuvenation and self-empowerment.

“I felt poverty, illiteracy, deprivation and uncertainties inherent in our society especially amongst women, youth, children, physically challenges and other vulnerable groups must be addressed no matter how little that efforts may be” she stressed.

“As a non-profit, non-partisan and non-governmental organization proactively responding to the high rate of poverty, literacy and inadequate life skills among-st many women, youth and the physically challenges in Nigeria, we will continue to contribute our quota to making the society better”.

Hajiya Amina Namadi Sambo was of the opinion that the Organization would touch lives positively with the intention of serving humanity, adding that to do so you will leave your comfort zone, face obstacles, deal with challenges and be determined and focused to put smiles on faces and elevated the status of people and hope to the deprived.

“I am however enthused by some of the events we carried out in an efforts to stem the tide of social challenges in our society which are the eye camp carried out in Kaduna, Gombe, Bauchoi and Kano as we restore sight of those who have lost it among-st 8, 000 people have benefited” she said.

“Anti- substance abuse campaign in collaboration with NARCONON international (Italy and Egypt) where 276 participants comprising students, NGO’s, community groups received training to train others on dangers of such abuse will remain fresh for me” she noted.

She however re-iterates the importance of peace in the society, saying it is the bedrock of development as such all must work towards achieving, peaceful and harmonious co-existence in Kaduna State, Nigerian and the world at large.

The Chairperson mentioned that I-Care Women and Youth Initiative “will continue collaboration with Nigeria and foreign partners such and National Directorate of Employment, NACA, Leadership African USA, Save the Children International, UNICEF and UNSAID, DFID and others that we have not partner with in the past so as to make significant impact towards safeguarding the welfare of women, children and youths”.

“Our mission remains to equip women, children and youths and other disadvantage groups with vital information and life skill at all levels through activities aimed at improving their health, education and economic situation, thereby reducing poverty” she ended.



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